GECOM has all mis­sing do­cu­ments from Re­gi­on 4

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The Gu­y­a­na Elec­ti­ons Com­mis­si­on (GECOM) is in pos­ses­si­on of the mis­sing sta­tu­to­ry do­cu­ments from Re­gi­on Four bal­lot boxes on the East Coast of De­me­ra­ra, do­cu­ments that we­re ‘mis­sing’ be­cau­se Re­turning Of­fi­cer Clair­mont Min­go had pas­sed in­struc­ti­ons that they be left out of the boxes sin­ce Elec­ti­ons night.

The is­sue of mis­sing sta­tu­to­ry do­cu­ments ca­me to the fo­re af­ter GECOM Se­cre­ta­ri­at he­a­ded by Chief Elec­ti­ons Of­fi­cer (CEO) Keith Lo­wen­field pas­sed a di­rec­ti­ve on Fri­day that bal­lot boxes with the­se key do­cu­ments mis­sing will not be coun­ted nor ta­bu­la­ted. Lo­wen­field in­struc­ted that “Re­count of vo­tes not va­li­da­ted due to the ab­sen­ce of mis­sing sta­tu­to­ry do­cu­ments” be pla­ced on the ob­ser­va­ti­on re­port for the­se bal­lot boxes.

The de­ci­si­on to ren­der the Re­count of the­se boxes in­va­lid and, sub­se­quent­ly, to not ta­bu­la­te them, was ma­de wit­hout the con­sulta­ti­on of the Com­mis­si­on, the bo­dy that has ge­ne­ral and ab­so­lu­te su­per­vi­so­ry au­tho­ri­ty over this pro­cess.

Af­ter se­ve­r­al ob­jec­ti­ons we­re ma­de by coun­ting agents from the op­po­si­ti­on and smal­ler par­ties, Re­turning Of­fi­cers and Pre­si­ding Of­fi­cers from the va­rying pol­ling sta­ti­ons on the East Coast sought to cla­ri­fy that the do­cu­ments we­re not mis­sing but de­li­be­ra­te­ly left out.

One De­pu­ty RO from Cha­teau Mar­got Pri­ma­ry, Paul Jai­singh in a let­ter to GECOM Chair, Jus­ti­ce Clau­det­te Singh ex­plai­ned that they re­cie­ved in­struc­ti­ons from “Miss. Car­lyn Duncan (Clerk to the Re­turning Of­fi­cer Mr. Clair­mont MingoDi­s­trict # 4) to in­clu­de on­ly unu­sed, va­lid and re­jec­ted bal­lots in the bal­lot boxes.” This de­ci­si­on was com­mu­ni­ca­ted to the res­pec­ti­ve Pre­si­ding Of­fi­cers who all com­p­lied.

“As a re­sult the other do­cu­ments we­re pla­ced in the bag pro­vi­ded. This in­struc­ti­on was gi­ven on Elec­ti­on day a few hours be­fo­re the clo­se of the poll”, the DRO said in his let­ter. (Kai­e­teur News)

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