Re­tai­lers gra­du­al­ly get­ting used to the new nor­mal

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“Re­tai­lers are gra­du­al­ly get­ting used to the new nor­mal and ope­ning their doors again for cus­to­mers,” said Bry­an Ren­ten, chair­man of the Su­ri­na­me­se Bu­si­ness Com­mu­ni­ty As­so­ci­a­ti­on (VSB), on Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon on be­half of the VSB and the As­so­ci­a­ti­on of Su­ri­na­me­se Ma­nu­fac­tu­rers (ASFA). Ren­ten poin­ted out that both or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons want to sup­port com­pa­nies that want to re­o­pen for bu­si­ness. “It is im­por­tant for that to hap­pen in a sa­fe man­ner so that in­fec­ti­ons with the no­vel co­ro­na­vi­rus are pre­ven­ted.” Af­ter se­ve­r­al CO­VID-19 had been re­por­ted, the re­tai­lers clo­sed their bu­si­nes­ses out of fear of get­ting in­fec­ted. Ren­ten al­so poin­ted out that the My Sa­fe Sto­re pro­gram has been laun­ched to lend a hel­ping hand to re­tai­lers who want to be back in bu­si­ness. The re­tai­lers are gi­ven in­for­ma­ti­on in Dut­ch and Chi­ne­se on how to pro­tect them­sel­ves and their clients against the vi­rus. The re­tai­lers re­cei­ve pos­ters and floor stic­kers which re­mind pe­o­p­le of the dis­tan­ce that they must main­tain from each other. They al­so re­cei­ve mes­sa­ges via Whats­App twi­ce to thrice a week to re­mind them that they must stick to the pre­cau­ti­o­na­ry me­a­su­res. It is al­so im­por­tant for re­tai­lers to ma­ke su­re that not too ma­ny pe­o­p­le en­ter their sto­re si­mul­ta­neous­ly and to on­ly al­low cus­to­mers who co­ver their mouths and no­ses to en­ter. Cus­to­mers are al­so ur­ged to do their shop­ping as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. It is al­so im­por­tant for cus­to­mers to obey the ru­les. “It is a slow pro­cess. Re­tai­lers are af­raid. But we must work to­gether to get the sto­res open again. We must be ab­le to do our shop­ping. It is al­so an im­por­tant sour­ce of in­co­me for re­tai­lers, em­ploy­ees and sup­pliers,” said Ren­ten who ad­ded that 500 re­tai­lers ha­ve al­rea­dy com­mit­ted them­sel­ves to the ‘My Sa­fe Sto­re’ pro­gram and that it is ex­pec­ted that 300 will join them soon. The re­tai­lers who ha­ve adop­ted this pro­gram are gi­ven a My Sa­fe Sto­re stic­ker which they put at the en­tran­ce of their sto­re.

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