Iran con­demns US sanc­ti­ons against 5 oil tan­ker cap­tains

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TEHRAN -- Iran’s Fo­reign Mi­ni­stry on Thurs­day con­dem­ned fresh US sanc­ti­ons against the cap­tains of fi­ve Ira­ni­an oil tan­kers who car­ried fu­el to Ve­ne­zu­e­la re­cent­ly, se­mi­of­fi­ci­al Fars news ag­en­cy re­por­ted.

Such em­bar­goes pro­ve the “fai­lu­re” of US ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on’s “maxi­mum pres­su­re cam­paign” against the Isla­mic re­pu­blic, Fo­reign Mi­ni­stry Spo­kes­man Ab­bas Mou­sa­vi said. The Uni­ted Sta­tes on Wed­nes­day im­po­sed sanc­ti­ons on fi­ve Ira­ni­an ship cap­tains who had de­li­ve­r­ed oil to Ve­ne­zu­e­la. “As a re­sult of to­day’s sanc­ti­ons, the­se cap­tains’ as­sets will be block­ed. Their careers and pro­spects will suf­fer from this de­sig­na­ti­on,” the US Se­cre­ta­ry of Sta­te Mi­ke Pom­peo said on Wed­nes­day. He war­ned any ma­ri­ners against do­ing bu­si­ness with the govern­ment of Ve­ne­zu­e­lan Pre­si­dent Ni­co­las Ma­du­ro. Mou­sa­vi de­scri­bed the sanc­ti­ons as ano­ther “despe­ra­te” mo­ve by the US against Ira­ni­an in­di­vi­du­als, and a sign of the “mi­se­ra­ble fai­lu­re” of the Trump ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on’s pres­su­re po­li­cy. “De­spi­te the US. pres­su­re, Iran and Ve­ne­zu­e­la remain ste­ad­fast in coun­te­ring un­law­ful Ame­ri­can sanc­ti­ons,” Mou­sa­vi stres­sed.


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