Bar­ti­ca con­firms first CO­VID­19 ca­se ­ as to­tal ca­ses in­crea­se to 215

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Bar­ti­ca has now re­cor­ded its first CO­VID­19 ca­se. This is among six new ca­ses the coun­try has re­cor­ded brin­ging the coun­try’s to­tal to 215. Sha­ring de­tails about the Bar­ti­ca ca­se, Re­gi­o­nal He­alth Of­fi­cer (RHO) of Re­gi­on Se­ven, Dr. Ed­ward Sa­ga­la, re­ve­a­led that the ma­le pa­tient has a tra­vel his­to­ry to Oku in the Ma­zaurni Mi­ning Dis­trict and has been trans­fer­red to an iso­la­ti­on fa­ci­li­ty in Georgetown for fur­ther ma­na­ge­ment and ca­re. Sam­ples from 10 in­di­vi­du­als who we­re in con­tact with the pa­tient we­re al­so sent to Georgetown for tes­ting, he re­ve­a­led. The­se re­sults are ex­pec­ted to be re­tur­ned be­fo­re the end of the week.

Dr. Sa­ga­la in his re­lea­se no­t­ed, “we con­ti­nue to re­mind the Bar­ti­ca Com­mu­ni­ty again that CO­VID­19 is a re­al danger and has not dis­ap­pe­a­red, and will not do so soon. This di­sea­se spreads li­ke wild­fire and it kills. As such, we re­mind eve­ry­o­ne to con­ti­nue to se­rious­ly ob­ser­ve ALL the ad­vi­so­ries, in­clu­ding hand­was­hing, wea­ring of mas­ks, so­ci­al dis­tan­cing and ob­ser­ving the cur­few.” Re­si­dents are al­so ur­ged to com­ply with all me­a­su­res put in pla­ce and to ta­ke the ne­ces­sa­ry pre­cau­ti­ons, and to get tested if so re­qui­red.

Ear­lier this year an in­di­vi­du­al tested po­si­ti­ve for the vi­rus in Bar­ti­ca, ho­we­ver, the in­di­vi­du­al had con­tac­ted the vi­rus in Aran­ka al­so in Re­gi­on Se­ven but tra­vel­led to Bar­ti­ca whe­re the test was do­ne. Over the last few days the­re has been an alar­ming in­crea­se in ca­ses in the in­te­ri­or re­gi­ons. To da­te, 73 per­sons ha­ve tested po­si­ti­ve from Re­gi­ons One and Se­ven with Re­gi­on One ac­coun­ting for 42 ca­ses and Aran­ka in Re­gi­on Se­ven 31. Me­an­w­hi­le, du­ring the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic He­alth’s dai­ly up­da­te, Dr. Sham­deo Pers­aud, Chief Me­di­cal Of­fi­cer (CMO), said of 84 tests that we­re con­duc­ted the­re are six new ca­ses, brin­ging the to­tal num­ber of ca­ses to 215. The num­ber of CO­VID­19 de­a­ths remains at 12 whi­le 108 per­sons ha­ve re­co­ver­ed. The­re are al­so 95 ac­ti­ve ca­ses in in­sti­tu­ti­o­nal iso­la­ti­on, 16 in in­sti­tu­ti­o­nal qua­ran­ti­ne and one pa­tient in the CO­VID­19 In­ten­si­ve Ca­re Unit (ICU).

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