Ha­ti­ce Cen­giz ap­pe­ars at Ja­mal Khas­hog­gi’s mur­der tri­al in Tur­key

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TUR­KEY ­ The fi­an­cee of Ja­mal Khas­hog­gi has told a Tur­kish court the Was­hing­ton Post co­lum­nist was lu­red to his de­ath at the Sau­di Con­su­la­te in Istan­bul through “a gre­at be­trayal and de­cep­ti­on”, and has as­ked that all pe­o­p­le res­pon­si­ble for his kil­ling be brought to jus­ti­ce.

Ha­ti­ce Cen­giz spo­ke at the ope­ning of the tri­al on Fri­day in ab­sen­tia of two for­mer ai­des of Sau­di Crown Prin­ce Mo­ham­med bin Sal­man (MBS) and 18 other Sau­di na­ti­o­nals who we­re char­ged in Tur­key for Khas­hog­gi’s gris­ly slaying. The jour­na­list’s 2018 kil­ling at the con­su­la­te spar­ked in­ter­na­ti­o­nal con­dem­na­ti­on and cast a cloud of sus­pi­ci­on over the crown prin­ce. The 20 Sau­di de­fen­dants all left Tur­key, and Sau­di Ara­bia re­jec­ted Tur­kish de­mands for their ex­tra­di­ti­on. So­me of the men we­re put on tri­al in Riyadh be­hind clo­sed doors. The pro­ceedings we­re wi­de­ly cri­ti­ci­sed as a whi­te­wash. Khas­hog­gi’s fa­mi­ly mem­bers la­ter an­noun­ced they had for­gi­ven his kil­lers. The tri­al in Tur­key is being clo­se­ly wat­ched for pos­si­ble new in­for­ma­ti­on or evi­den­ce from the kil­ling, in­clu­ding the whe­re­a­bouts of Khas­hog­gi’s remains.

Khas­hog­gi, who was a US re­si­dent, had wal­ked in­to his coun­try’s con­su­la­te on Oc­to­ber 2, 2018, for an ap­point­ment to col­lect do­cu­ments that would al­low him to mar­ry his Tur­kish fi­an­cee. He ne­ver wal­ked out. Cen­giz, who took the stand to tes­ti­fy, spo­ke of the day she had her fu­tu­re ta­ken away, Tur­kish sta­te broad­cas­ter TRT re­por­ted. “He was cal­l­ed to that con­su­la­te with gre­at be­trayal and de­cep­ti­on”, the pri­va­te DHA news agency quo­t­ed Cen­giz as tel­ling the court du­ring her tes­ti­mo­ny.

(Al Ja­zee­ra)

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