Gran­ger govt. ap­points 44 mem­bers across fi­ve sta­te boards af­ter elec­ti­ons

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The Co­a­li­ti­on, he­a­ded by Pre­si­dent David Gran­ger, has il­le­gal­ly ap­poin­ted 44 mem­bers across fi­ve sta­te boards, an or­der posted in the Of­fi­ci­al Ga­zet­te has dis­clo­sed.

Ac­cor­ding to the or­der, which was sig­ned by de fac­to Mi­nis­ter of Sta­te, Dawn Has­tings on Ju­ne 22nd, fi­ve we­re ap­poin­ted to the En­vi­ron­men­tal As­sess­ment Board (EAB); se­ven to the Wild­li­fe Sci­en­ti­fic Com­mit­tee (WSC); ni­ne to the Pro­tec­ted Are­as Com­mis­si­on (PAC); 11 to the Gu­y­a­na Wild­li­fe Con­ser­va­ti­on and Ma­na­ge­ment Com­mis­si­on (GWCMC) and ano­ther 11 to the En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­ti­on Agency (EPA). The or­der sta­tes that the­se ap­point­ments un­der the pre­si­den­ti­al sec­tor are set co­me in­to ‘im­me­di­a­te ef­fect’ and are ex­pec­ted to last for the du­ra­ti­on of one year. Me­an­w­hi­le, for­mer At­tor­ney Ge­ne­ral and exe­cu­ti­ve of the Pe­o­p­le’s Pro­gres­si­ve Par­ty/ Ci­vic (PPP/C), Anil Nand­lall, po­si­ted that the­se ap­point­ments we­re ‘whol­ly il­legal’. He ga­ve a break­down of the laws and events that lead to such. The At­tor­ney-at-Law poin­ted back to the De­cem­ber 21, 2018 no­con­fi­den­ce mo­ti­on (NCM) in which the Ca­rib­bean Court of Jus­ti­ce (CCJ) had dee­med to be va­lid­ly pas­sed and which pla­ced the govern­ment in­to a ca­re­ta­ker sta­tus—a sta­tus which the Pre­si­dent ad­mit­ted to. “A ca­re­ta­ker govern­ment”, Nand­lall said, “is bound in law to be­ha­ve as a ca­re­ta­ker. The ca­re­ta­ker of a pro­per­ty, for example, is not the ow­ner… and the­re­fo­re can’t ma­ke fun­da­men­tal chan­ges of any ty­pe; de­ci­si­ons of any ty­pe, or en­ter in­to new con­tract, or ma­ke new ap­point­ments.”

It is against this that Nand­lall said that the govern­ment is to on­ly per­form rou­ti­ne func­ti­ons and ma­king new ap­point­ments would be il­legal sin­ce it is not rou­ti­ne. “Its be­ha­vi­our was fur­ther com­poun­ded”, he said, “when Par­li­a­ment was of­fi­ci­al­ly dis­sol­ved and a da­te was set for the elec­ti­ons. Cer­tain­ly, af­ter the elec­ti­ons the si­tu­a­ti­on be­ca­me wor­se, es­pe­ci­al­ly af­ter the re­sults of the elec­ti­ons are known and the Co­a­li­ti­on has lost the govern­ment. Clear­ly, they can’t ma­ke ap­point­ments to boards.” Nand­lall no­t­ed that at the “ap­prop­ri­a­te ti­me”, tho­se ap­point­ments will ha­ve to re­vi­si­ted and re­vie­wed “with a view of rescin­ding them”, he said.

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