Iran-back­ed ar­med group de­nies Iraq roc­ket at­tack on US in­te­rests

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IRAN ­ Two roc­kets tar­ge­ted Ame­ri­can di­plo­ma­tic and mi­li­ta­ry in­stal­la­ti­ons over­night, Iraq’s se­cu­ri­ty for­ces said on Sun­day, as a po­werful Iran­back­ed ar­med group de­nied res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for a se­ries of such at­tacks.

Sin­ce Oc­to­ber, US di­plo­mats and troops across Iraq ha­ve been tar­ge­ted by about three do­zen roc­ket at­tacks that Was­hing­ton has bla­med on pro­Ira­ni­an ar­med fac­ti­ons. In the first mo­ve of its kind, eli­te Ira­qi troops in la­te Ju­ne ar­re­sted mo­re than a do­zen Tehran­back­ed figh­ters who we­re al­le­gedly plan­ning a new at­tack on Bagh­dad’s Gr­een Zo­ne, ho­me to the Uni­ted Sta­tes and other fo­reign em­bas­sies. Ira­qi govern­ment of­fi­ci­als said the raid would ser­ve as a “mes­sa­ge” to de­ter fu­tu­re at­tacks, but la­te on Sa­tur­day mo­re at­tacks we­re laun­ched. One roc­ket fired at the Gr­een Zo­ne land­ed near a ho­me, woun­ding a child, ac­cor­ding to the Ira­qi mi­li­ta­ry. (Al Ja­zee­ra)

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