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AN­DRES SERRANO Pho­to­grap­her An­dres Serrano was born and rai­sed in New York, whe­re he still lives and works to­day. The recur­rent use of bo­dily flu­ids, employed most fa­mously (or in­fa­mously) in his 1987 pho­to­graph Piss Christ, is one of Serrano’s tra­de­marks. His ima­ges, which ta­ke in­spi­ra­tion from Re­nais­san­ce pain­ters, are po­wer­ful, te­ch­ni­cal­ly ad­ept and of­ten con­tro­ver­si­al.

CLAUDIA FRIED Claudia Fried is a mul­ti-fa­ce­ted pho­to­grap­her with a pro­fes­sio­nal focus on portrai­tu­re, beau­ty and fashion. Her style is ex­pres­si­ve, bold and ico­nic. With an un­derstan­ding of fi­ne art and ob­ses­sion with gre­at light, Fried pro­du­ces ima­ges for cli­ents such as Mo­la­mi, Glit­ter, Volks­wa­gen, IKEA and Uni­ver­sal mu­sic.

DAVIDE LOVATTI Pho­to­grap­her Davide Lovatti is ba­sed in Mi­la­no, whe­re he lives in a loft that looks li­ke a pho­to set. He lo­ves to ta­ke in­te­ri­or shots, ma­ny of which have been published in top design ma­ga­zi­nes li­ke AD (Ger­ma­ny), Elle De­co­ra­tion (UK), IDEAT (Fran­ce), Ma­rie Clai­re Mai­son (Ita­ly), and Rum (Den­mark). His in­te­ri­or work sits si­de-by-si­de with mo­re ar­tistic pho­tos shown in va­ri­ous per­so­nal ex­hi­bi­tions throug­hout Eu­ro­pe. Best known for his "Red Birds" se­ri­es, Da­vid is ob­ses­sed with stuf­fed animals and con­ti­nu­al­ly tri­es to bring them to li­fe with his pho­tos.

FRIDA MARKLUND A re­lax­ed, strong and hum­b­le at­ti­tu­de is the es­sence of Frida Marklund’s pho­to­grap­hy. Af­ter ye­ars wor­king as a pho­to­grap­her’s as­si­stant in New York on jobs in­clu­ding Oys­ter, Bon and Ur­ban Out­fit­ters, she is now back in Stock­holm with Lund­lund as her agen­cy. Marklund’s lo­ve for docu­men­ta­ry pho­to­grap­hy is re­flec­ted in her com­mer­ci­al work, which fe­els ho­nest, evoca­ti­ve and con­tem­po­ra­ry.

HEDVIG JENNING The idea for Jenning's shoot "Pastiche" ca­me up when he and Mar­tin Berg­ström spo­ke over din­ner in New Deh­li about dif­fe­rent ways of shoo­ting un­der­wear. For Jenning, that is part of the beau­ty of pho­to­grap­hy - me­e­ting so­me­o­ne, get­ting inspired and then get­ting to work. JASMIN STORCH Al­ways drawn to the mista­kes in li­fe. To the odd, the "wrong" and mis­pla­ced ele­ments. Jasmin is ne­ver sa­tis­fi­ed, al­ways full of doubt and gets inspired by de­pra­va­tion, the bound­less, pe­op­le full of flaws and hu­mor. Pri­son docu­men­ta­ri­es, "I shouldn’t be ali­ve", pe­op­le who have li­ved in­te­re­s­ting lives.

JESPER LINDSTRÖM Jesper Lindström is a pho­to­grap­her ba­sed in Stock­holm and Co­pen­ha­gen. Growing up in a small vil­lage in the south of Swe­den, Lindström de­ve­lo­ped an in­te­rest in film and pho­to­grap­hy as a clas­sic ca­se of es­ca­pism. Af­ter wor­king with film post-pro­duc­tion, as­sis­ting and re­touching in Stock­holm he re­loca­ted to Co­pen­ha­gen in 2013 to con­centra­te ful­ly on his own work. Lindström cur­rent­ly en­joys tra­ve­ling and edi­to­ri­al and ad­ver­ti­sing work with a focus on fashion.

JESPER WALDERSTEN Jesper Waldersten (b. 1969 in Stock­holm) is one of Swe­den’s most po­pu­lar il­lu­stra­tors, ha­ving re­ci­e­ved nu­me­rous in­ter­na­tio­nal awards, published a do­zen books and fre­quent­ly shown his ar­twork in so­lo ex­hi­bi­tions. Drawing and pain­ting sin­ce a young age, Waldersten has tran­si­tio­ned from keen sa­ti­rist to in­di­vi­du­a­list and ex­pres­si­ve ar­tist. Waldersten has sin­ce re­a­li­sed se­ve­ral mu­rals for pub­lic and pri­va­te cli­ents, and been awar­ded two of Swe­den’s top art grants. Mu­sic and per­so­nal re­la­tions­hips have al­ways been the in­spi­ra­tion for his work. With his ini­mi­tab­le style, he cre­a­tes cha­rac­te­ristic ima­ges whe­re not­hing is ob­vious and whe­re ima­gi­na­tion is al­lo­wed to flow.

JESSE LAITINEN Cur­rent­ly ba­sed in Stock­holm and Lon­don, Jesse Laitinen was born and rai­sed in Ka­ris in the south of Fin­land. Star­ting out as an con­struc­tion wor­ker from age 15, Laitinen took his first pho­to at age 25, and so­met­hing clic­ked. When on set Laitinen al­ways go­es with his gut, try­ing to catch tho­se spon­ta­ne­ous mo­ments. He li­kes the fe­el of a world that is a bit dar­ker, yet sub­t­le and ele­gant at the sa­me ti­me.

OMAR MACCHIAVELLI Mi­lan-ba­sed pho­to­grap­her Omar Macchiavelli stu­di­ed at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Art in Bo­log­na. In the ear­ly 90s he de­ve­lo­ped an in­te­rest in pho­to re­por­tage from the un­der­ground hip hop sce­ne. La­ter whi­le tra­ve­ling around Afri­ca, Eu­ro­pe and South Ame­ri­ca, Macchiavelli beca­me fa­sci­na­ted by the dif­fe­rent sce­nes in which he found him­self, and he cap­tu­red ma­ny of tho­se mo­ments on film, which then in­flu­enced his pho­to­grap­hy. Macchiavelli la­ter mo­ved to Mi­lan and started to work as a fashion pho­to­grap­her, re­fi­ning his ligh­ting te­ch­ni­que in his stu­dio. Soon af­ter­ward he was di­sco­ve­red by top Cre­a­ti­ve Director and Sty­list Ni­co­la For­michet­ti. To­get­her they have made edi­to­ri­als for so­me of the most im­por­tant con­tem­po­ra­ry fashion ma­ga­zi­nes.

RICKARD ARONSSON Rickard Aronsson was born in Bor­länge, Swe­den. Growing up in a litt­le far­ming vil­lage, he be­gan his wor­king ca­re­er as a lum­ber­jack, driving fo­restry machi­nes in the Swe­dish woods. His in­te­rest in pho­to­grap­hy started around 2000 when he bought his first di­gi­tal ca­me­ra. In 2008 he mo­ved to Stock­holm to study at Fo­to­sko­lan STHLM. Af­ter com­ple­ting his stu­di­es and spen­ding se­ve­ral ye­ars wor­king as a pho­to­grap­her’s as­si­stant, Aronsson has focu­sed on his own pho­to­grap­hy, inspired by the ico­nic ima­ges of Ri­chard Ave­don, Ir­ving Penn and Herb Ritts.

SO­FIA LIND­BERG Wri­ting has been a part of So­fia Lind­berg’s li­fe from her te­e­nage ye­ars, but it wasn’t un­til 2014 that she made her first in­ter­vi­ew with the Swe­dish pop ex­ports Ico­na Pop. Sin­ce then she has in­ter­vi­ewed fa­mous mu­si­ci­ans and cre­a­ti­ves for BON Ma­ga­zi­ne, Ra­dar Ma­ga­zi­ne and now Odalïsque M. 2. Her pas­sion for mu­sic is ne­ver-en­ding, ha­ving grown up with 1980s synth pop such as Ultra­vox, Pet Shop Boys and New Or­der. Eve­ry ti­me she he­ars a re­al­ly ama­zing song, her he­art­be­at mul­tipli­es and she be­comes eupho­ric.

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