Ski­vor­na som in­te nåd­de än­da fram till topp 100.

Topp 100 - Tidernas basta rockalbum - - Innehåll -

Six – Man­sun Un­le­ashed In The East – Ju­das Pri­est

…Li­ke Clockwork – Qu­e­ens Of The Sto­ne Age

Out of the Cel­lar – Ratt

Too Fast For Lo­ve –

Lo­ve It To De­ath – Alice Coo­per

Script For A Jes­ter’s Te­ar – Ma­ril­li­on

Trash – Alice Coo­per

Per­mis­sion To Land – The Darkness

The Man Who Sold The World – Da­vid Bowie

Sur­fer Ro­sa – Pixi­es

Goo – So­nic Youth

Fre­ak Out – The Mot­hers Of In­ven­tion

Plastic Sur­ge­ry Di­sas­ters – De­ad Ken­ne­dys

Tex­as Flood – Ste­vie Ray Vaug­han

Eat ’Em and Smi­le – Da­vid Lee Roth Electric – The Cult Black­bird – Al­ter Bridge

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