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Lean left to get those chips right

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Lean to the left when chip­ping be­cause push­ing your weight to­wards the tar­get will in­crease your chances of mak­ing a crisp con­tact with the ball.

Don’t make the mis­take of try­ing to lift or scoop the ball up into the air like many golfers tend to do.

You can spot the symp­toms a mile away by the drop­ping of the right shoul­der and shift­ing of weight way too much to the right side.

The low­est part of your swing arc is where the club head should strike the ground when you clip the ball, so set up to the ball ac­cord­ingly.

Feel that you have as much as 75 per­cent of your weight on your left side be­fore you make your swing; and keep it there through­out the en­tire swing.

With all short shots, chip­ping, pitch­ing and sand shots you should strive to have this feel­ing.

Mean­while, Mr Pars fin­ished sec­ond in the US Open last week and his US$1.350 mil­lion cheque al­lowed him to re­alise that all those count­less days of hit­ting ball af­ter ball on the range have been worth it.

Mr Pars’ win­nings now for 2020 are well over a cou­ple of mil­lion — not bad for a player who hasn’t played one tour­na­ment on the PGA Tour un­der par.

He’s philo­soph­i­cal about not win­ning last week and com­ing sec­ond to a cer­tain Bryson.

Mr Pars told me though that he’s go­ing to try and change his liq­uid diet of a cer­tain brand of beer to cho­co­late milk.

Out of Bounds: Golfers, who slide down the ban­nis­ter of life, should watch out for splin­ters point­ing the wrong way.

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