F1 has no plan to be like NASCAR, CEO Carey as­sures Fer­rari

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FOR­MULA One has no de­sire to em­u­late U.S. stock car racing, chair­man Chase Carey said on Thurs­day in re­sponse to crit­i­cism from Fer­rari boss Ser­gio Mar­chionne about in­creas­ing stan­dard­i­s­a­tion in the sport. Mar­chionne had warned last week, af­ter man­u­fac­tur­ers were pre­sented with pro­pos­als for a new en­gine from 2021, that Fer­rari could walk away if it did not like the sport’s di­rec­tion.

“I don’t want to play NASCAR glob­ally,” the Fer­rari chair­man de­clared. Carey, speak­ing on a Lib­erty Me­dia third quar­ter earn­ings con­fer­ence call, sug­gested Fer­rari and For­mula One’s new U.S.based own­ers were on the same page.

“Ac­tu­ally I don’t think we have a dif­fer­ing view to Fer­rari,” he said. “I’m not try­ing to be deroga­tory to­wards NASCAR, but we don’t plan to be NASCAR ei­ther.

“We don’t want to stan­dard­ise the cars. We don’t want 20 iden­ti­cal cars go­ing round the track, and the only dif­fer­ence is the driver,” he added.

“We want all the teams to have the abil­ity to do what they do to cre­ate cars that are unique to them -- unique en­gines to them, unique bod­ies to them.”

The new en­gine en­vis­aged for 2021 aims to be sim­pler, cheaper and louder to sat­isfy fans who yearn for more noise than pro­vided by the cur­rent V6 turbo hy­brid power units. Carey, who re­placed for­mer com­mer­cial supremo Bernie Ec­cle­stone in Jan­uary when Lib­erty took con­trol, said For­mula One wanted to re­duce the cost of com­pet­ing with some sort of spend­ing limit im­posed on all teams. The aim, he added, was to make suc­cess de­pen­dent more on how well teams utilised their re­sources rather than how much they spent.

The en­gine pro­pos­als have met some re­sis­tance from man­u­fac­tur­ers, wary about the in­creased costs of de­vel­op­ment and los­ing their ad­van­tage if the en­gines are no longer such a defin­ing fac­tor. The sport is also braced for a much thornier sub­ject, how­ever -- that of a more equal dis­tri­bu­tion of rev­enues be­tween teams. Fer­rari cur­rently re­ceive far more than oth­ers, due mainly to their his­toric con­tri­bu­tion to the sport and other spe­cial pay­ments. While some of the big teams like Fer­rari spend in ex­cess of $300 mil­lion a year, smaller in­de­pen­dent out­fits com­pete on bud­gets of around a third of that.

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