Will the U.S. and Russia fight?

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The U.S. is running a kind of ‘gunboat diplomacy’ with Trump’s tweet. Is there a rationality to the contradictory reactions the U.S. – in fact Trump - has given? If so, what? What about Turkey? Yes, Turkey is also present in Syria with its soldiers and each development concerns Turkey in a way. None of the fronts has mentioned Turkey during the latest showdown and this is good for our country. However, a confrontation of a kind where it won’t be possible to remain balanced is increasingly becoming a reality and Turkey may reach a point where it has to choose one side. Will Turkey get closer either with the Russia-Iran front, the one it tells to “leave Afrin,” or the U.S. that tells Turkey “to stay away from Manbij, do not step on my PYD/YPG alliance?” Harsh messages from the U.S. can be interpreted as an attempt to attract Turkey to their side. We may enter a period in which the word ‘Manbij’ is pronounced less in Ankara.

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