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y in­duc­tion to Third Space gym in Lon­don’s Soho in­volves stand­ing on a fu­tur­is­tic-look­ing weigh­ing ma­chine and grip­ping two metal prongs while an elec­tric cur­rent passes through me (thank­fully, I can’t feel it). On the screen, the out­line of a fig­ure be­gins to fill in, and read­ings show what per­cent­age wa­ter, pro­tein, min­eral and fat I am. I won’t share the num­bers, but it was cer­tainly en­light­en­ing.

Weight is a crude read­ing of one’s phys­i­cal makeup, while BMI (body mass in­dex), de­rived from your weight di­vided by your height, is not much bet­ter. Us­ing this cal­cu­la­tion, some­one mus­cu­lar could be con­sid­ered obese be­cause mus­cle is heav­ier than fat. FIT­NESS TRACKERS TomTom Touch This fit­ness tracker mea­sures body fat and mus­cle mass com­po­si­tion, steps, calo­ries, sleep time and heart rate. You can also log your work­outs and re­ceive in­com­ing call/SMS no­ti­fi­ca­tions so you don’t have to worry about check­ing your phone. £130, tomtom.com The InBody Anal­y­sis ma­chine is more sci­en­tific, giv­ing com­pre­hen­sive read­ings of your en­tire phys­i­ol­ogy – whether your skele­tal mus­cle mass is nor­mal, how much vis­ceral fat you have around your in­ter­nal or­gans (not too much, hope­fully), how much wa­ter is in your sys­tem (both in­tra- and ex­tra-cel­lu­lar), and the dis­tri­bu­tion of lean mass ver­sus fat around your arms, trunk and legs. A typ­i­cal gym in­duc­tion might in­clude a ques­tion­naire about your lifestyle, the tak­ing of a few vi­tal sta­tis­tics, and some ad­vice on how to use the ma­chines. At Third Space (thirdspace.lon­don), which has four clubs in Lon­don, you won’t start train­ing un­til your data has been an­a­lysed. The body scan­ner will also pro­vide a mean­ing­ful map of your progress – work hard, and af­ter a month you will see an in­crease in mus­cle and a de­crease in fat. Third Space’s free “Out/Set” bio­met­ric as­sess­ment was de­vel­oped by per­sonal trainer Luke Wor­thing­ton. For £150, you Fit­Bit Charge 2 Stand­out func­tions in­clude GPS con­nec­tion to your phone and SmartTrack, which records ac­tiv­i­ties such as cy­cling and hik­ing. It also shows your car­dio fit­ness score and cre­ates guided breath­ing ses­sions in time with your heart rate. From £130, fit­bit.com can also take a DNA test to find out your ge­netic strengths and weak­nesses. Wor­thing­ton sets a se­ries of ex­er­cises so he can see your move­ment ca­pa­bil­i­ties – so if you don’t have per­fect form when it comes to a hip hinge (ef­fec­tively bend­ing down to pick some­thing up), he won’t put any dead­lifts in your regime.

“The pur­pose is to get as much in­for­ma­tion as pos­si­ble about peo­ple be­fore set­ting them loose in the gym,” he says. “I come from a pro­fes­sional sport back­ground so my idea was to bring some of what we did in that world to the pub­lic. The in­dus­try is very goal-ori­ented – get the beach body, run the 10k, get to point B, but with­out any con­cep­tion of what point A is. That was where we were go­ing wrong. Not all begin­ners are rubbish at ev­ery­thing, and even some­one very ad­vanced will have weak spots.” TRACK YOUR PROGRESS As the de­mand for per­sonal train­ing con­tin­ues, we can ex­pect more gyms to of­fer data-based pro­grammes – and more body scan­ning ma­chines in re­cep­tion. Fit3D scan­ners have re­cently been in­stalled in high-end gyms such as Equinox, which has dozens of lo­ca­tions in the US, UK and Canada, while Styku Moov Now De­signed to “coach” you with voice com­mands and real-time stats, Moov Now’s 9 Axis Omni mo­tion sen­sor will track your form in 3D. It can as­sess your box­ing tech­nique, swim­ming stroke rate and the land­ing im­pact of your feet when run­ning to help avoid in­jury. US$60, wel­come.moov.cc Sam­sung Gear Fit 2 This GPS sports band will track your run­ning route in­de­pen­dently of your smart­phone so you can leave it at home. Its heart rate mon­i­tor will show you when you hit high-in­ten­sity zones and can tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween cy­cling and el­lip­ti­cal train­ers. £179, sam­sung.com

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