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BLUESMART ONEE from US$314 bluesmart.com This is the smart suit­case you never knew ew you needed. The Bluesmart One isn’t just stylish, it’s also packed with tech to make your jour­ney stress-free. The carry-on bag in­cludes a built-in bat­tery that al­lows you to power your phone on the go, with enough juice for six full charges from its two USB ports. It has a dig­i­tal scale to en­sure you don’t have to pay ex­cess bag­gage charges, a GPS lo­ca­tion tracker so you can use its com­pan­ion app to see where it is, and, best of all, a re­mote lock­ing fea­ture that will au­to­mat­i­cally seal the case shut when­ever it senses you have walked away from it. f busi­ness travel is a way of life, se­cu­rity should be your num­ber-one pri­or­ity. Tech ex­perts agree that cy­ber se­cu­rity will be the defin­ing trend of 2017; for ev­ery con­nected de­vice that makes your life a lit­tle eas­ier, there’s a scam­mer hop­ing to take ad­van­tage.

On a per­sonal level this can mean ma­jor headaches, but if you’re abroad for work, se­cu­rity lapses could be worth mil­lions – or, at the very least, your job.

Thank­fully the tech in­dus­try is fight­ing back, com­ing up with ever more se­cure – and in­creas­ingly stylish – ways to pro­tect your­self. The ex­plo­sion of GPS-en­abled de­vices means now you can be alerted if you walk ab­sent-mind­edly away from your suit­case, and track the lo­ca­tion of your iPhone across con­ti­nents. You can make sure your con­tact­less pay­ment cards aren’t be­ing used to raid the con­tents of your bank ac­count, and check that your home is safe from the com­fort of your ho­tel room (and if you spot an in­truder, even yell ob­scen­i­ties at them over wifi).

Tech­nol­ogy may be the prob­lem, but it’s also the so­lu­tion – here are ten gad­gets for your next trip… NEST CAM SE­CU­RITY CAM­ERA US$199 store.nest.com The con­nected home rev­o­lu­tion is tak­ing ratherather longer than we were led to be­lieve – few peo­ple eo­ple ac­tu­ally con­trol their light­ing/heat­ing/cur­tain­sns through an app, and those who do are ter­ri­ble ri­ble bores. One com­pany mak­ing smart homes s cool, how­ever, is Nest, and this cam­era is gen­uinely use­ful. Like most se­cu­rity cam­eras, you can in­ter­act with it us­ing your phone, re­ceiv­ing alerts if the mo­tion sen­sor is trig­gered, and this one lets you talk back. You can store video on Nest’s cloud (for a fee), al­low­ing you to play back up to 30 days’ footage.

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