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While aca­demics and pol­i­cy­mak­ers wring their hands over the food se­cu­rity of our na­tions and planet, there’s one food­stuff we’ll never be short of: jel­ly­fish. Eaten by the Chi­nese for mil­len­nia and served as sashimi in Ja­pan, the world’s warm­ing oceans are in­creas­ingly re­plete with this un­der-ap­pre­ci­ated an­i­mal. Fuch­sia Dun­lop, the lead­ing writer on Chi­nese food, says: “Jel­ly­fish has no taste at all. In China, it is prized for its slip­pery-crisp tex­ture. The smooth hood of the crea­ture, known as ‘jel­ly­fish skin’ is usu­ally cut into rib­bons, dressed and eaten like a sal­ady ap­pe­tiser, while the frilly oral arms, known as ‘jel­ly­fish head’, have an even crisper tex­ture and are served as they are, with a sprightly vine­gar dip.” Just make sure you can iden­tify the edi­ble species cor­rectly: some, such as the Por­tuguese man o’ war, has ten­ta­cles so ven­omous that they can cause death.

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