Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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2020 UAE RADIO GUIDE June 28, 2020 15 Club FM 99.6 Dubai Eye FREQUENCY: WEBSITE: PARENT COMPANY: MEDIA REP: FREQUENCY: WEBSITE: PARENT COMPANY: MEDIA REP: LAUNCHED: LANGUAGE: FORMAT: DEMOGRAPHI­CS: 99.6 Mathrubhum­i Printing and Publishing Company P S Srikumar, general manager, GCC: 052 999 3442; June 2016 Malyalam 103.8 dubaieye10­ Arabian Radio Network Jennifer Moaccadie ( 2004 English Talk LAUNCHED: LANGUAGE: BROADCAST LICENCE LESSOR: FORMAT: Fujairah Media Entertainm­ent, informatio­n, news, songs and creative campaigns 21-45 years old 70 per cent male; 30 per cent female DEMOGRAPHI­CS: Dubai Radio. Dubai 92 FREQUENCY: WEBSITE: PARENT COMPANY: MEDIA REP: 93.0 fm/ DMI MEMS (Choueiri Group): mems@choueirigr­; +971 4 454 5454 2014 Arabic FREQUENCY: WEBSITE: PARENT COMPANY: MEDIA REP: LAUNCHED: LANGUAGE: FORMAT: DEMOGRAPHI­CS: 92.0 Arabian Radio Network Jennifer Moaccadie ( 1971 English Adult contempora­ry 75 per cent male; 25 per cent female LAUNCHED: LANGUAGE: BROADCAST LICENCE LESSOR: FORMAT: Dubai authoritie­s Entertainm­ent, UAE radio station that offers pan-Arab and Khaleeji content and music 52.3 per cent male; 47.7 per cent female Sabah Jameel (Abdallah Ismaiil); Cramel (Fatima Abed al Rahman & Ahed Afandi); Shari3 Al Saada ( Jad chheib & Mahra Al Abdallah) DEMOGRAPHI­CS: PRIME-TIME SHOWS: RADIO AT ITS PEAK I f ever there was a time when radio was at its best, it is now. It is creating fresh content each day and disseminat­ing the trusted informatio­n bundled with entertainm­ent. Radio now is far beyond being just a car companion and has become a constant companion that has given people the support to get through. This is the Era of Radio. It will go down in the pages of history not just as the time when everything was at a standstill, but also as a time when radio saw its best days and ruled the roost. While most production work is on hold and entertainm­ent mediums are re-running content, radio is the only infotainme­nt medium that is live, and this is what makes it all the more significan­t. Radio has therefore become a common communicat­ion platform that connects brands and people through meaningful interactio­ns. Channel 4 Radio Network has revamped its programmin­g to be more contextual­ly relevant, reaching out to people from various nationalit­ies, cultures and income groups in four different languages with the most influentia­l and popular presenters in the country. This also makes us the right choice for advertiser­s expecting to get maximum reach and return on investment. Furthermor­e, Channel 4 Radio Network’s Creative Cell will lay special emphasis on content integratio­ns and branded content. This will open the way to a whole lot of segments and features designed to meet specific client campaign requiremen­ts. Client brands can gauge unpreceden­ted engagement and recall amongst their target group through this approach. The programmin­g line up across all our stations – Channel 4, Al Rabia, Radio 4 and Gold FM – is getting revitalise­d with fresh shows, entertaini­ng content and more engaging features. Channel 4 Radio Network, with 3.6 million daily listeners (Ipsos, March 2020), is taking things to the next level by launching our fifth radio station: Radio Zain. This is a one-of-its-kind golden-era Arabic music station targeting the 35+ age group. Twenty years back we started our journey with you, and 20 years later we are ready to continue the journey with you. We assure you paramount support and commitment to all your business endeavours. Mohammad Jundi, By network sales director, Channel 4 Radio Network

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