Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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PARTNER CONTENT 26 June 28, 2020 Relevant, rooted and connected Pepsi’s Virtual Suhours bring people together even when they are apart S ocial distancing and Ramadan are two things that could not seem further from one another. The Holy Month is a time of coming together, spending time with family and friends and reinforcin­g the sense of community that is central to the Islamic world. But during a pandemic it is our duty to that same community to stay as isolated as possible. This is why Pepsi stepped in to remind us that social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. The popular soft drinks brand found a way to tell its fans that there are still non-commercial ways to catch up and stay connected virtually. Pepsi teamed up with Tareq Al Harbi, one of Saudi Arabia’s most influentia­l content creators, to host a Virtual Suhour on Instagram Live once a week. Tareq was joined online each week by another popular influencer nominated by his followers, and the two talked, joked and played games with their audience and each other through live chat. The Virtual Suhours were a great way to create an interactiv­e and culturally relevant experience for the influencer­s’ followers, and to give them back some of what they were missing this Ramadan. It was an example of how a global player managed to balance current events with tradition and the latest technology to remain relevant, rooted and connected. “I have enjoyed my time with Pepsi during the live suhour sessions during the Holy Month of Ramadan,” said Al Harbi. “Together we laughed and enjoyed our suhour with the diversity of guests that were chosen for the sessions. Some were specialise­d in comedy, some in cooking, and we were able to reach a bigger and more diverse audience. Thank you, Pepsi.” Pepsi’s main objective with the initiative was to drive deeper-level consumer engagement with its target audience – millennial­s and Generation Z, particular­ly those aged 19 to 29 – during a completely different Ramadan to the one we once knew, when physical suhours and gatherings were not possible. Instagram Live offered immediacy and intimacy, but choosing to create the majority of the content of the campaign through live sessions meant none of the content was edited, pre-planned or posed. It is a very new way of creating content that depends on candid performanc­e, genuine surroundin­gs and unfiltered actions. It takes a lot of courage and agility to base the bulk of the campaign on unfiltered, unmasked content. Luckily, Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) recorded 100 per cent positive sentiment on all the live session and very positive engagement rates. The collaborat­ion offered consumers engaging content through the content creators to entertain and engage them at a challengin­g time. Consumers accepted that offering and showed Pepsi the risks of producing live content were worth it. The campaign saw a 6.4-point lift in ad recall and a 1.5-point lift in purchase intent, which is 150 per cent higher than the industry benchmark. The Virtual Suhours gathered an audience of more than 21 million, and generated 1.7 million story views. The total engagement rate ran at an impressive 5.32 per cent. Having a seamless relationsh­ip between Pepsi, Facebook, the creative agency, the influencer management agency and the content creators themselves was vital to the success of a live campaign with many moving parts, all functionin­g remotely. It was phenomenal­ly orchestrat­ed, says Facebook, and everybody rose to their roles and responsibi­lities seamlessly at a time when operating procedures were far from normal.

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