Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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June 28, 2020 33 Private View RODRIGO LEAL RODRIGUES CRISTIANO TONNARELLI McDonald’s Title: Iftar Sand Clock Agency: Leo Burnett ECD, Horizon FCB ECD MENA, Merkle MCDONALD’S: IFTAR SAND CLOCK (1) MCDONALD’S: IFTAR SAND CLOCK (1) Omantel Title: Ramadan Agency: Leo Burnett Media: Zenith Production house: 35 Film Circumvent­ing the golden rule during Ramadan to not advertise food products is why this idea struck gold. The clever use of time as a medium to count down as well as announce the product makes the hourglass burgers, fries, and desserts featured just that much cooler. I’m lovin’ it. Nice idea, I love the design. Even if a sand clock to mark the end of fasting is not the freshest idea possible, it has been executed in a brilliant, fresher way. OMANTEL: RAMADAN (2) I would have skipped this after 5 seconds. I think it is lame. The lyrics of the song are nice (I asked an Arabic copywriter to translate it for me) but I can’t see anything fresh in it. The video is just showing what people are already doing. No creative twist, nothing to discover, nothing that couldn’t have been done in other parts of the world. OMANTEL: RAMADAN (2) A Ramadan campaign with the usual suspects: a heartwarmi­ng narrative, catchy song, well-executed. Kudos to the brand for being Covid-19 sensitive, but it begs the question: Will it stand out from the usual clutter? Bose Title: Dear Neighbour Agency: Wunderman Thompson Dubai ECD: Pablo Maldonado Senior copywriter: Waleed Bachnak Senior art director: Saymon Souza Medeiros Production house: Asteroide Director: Thiago Prestes BOSE: DEAR NEIGHBOUR (3) BOSE: DEAR NEIGHBOUR (3) A sweetheart message with a unique perspectiv­e on social distancing. The right idea at the right time that sends the audience in one direction, but then quickly pulls them into another as the copy unveils a plot twist. The film’s sensitivit­y and vision worked together well in telling an inspiring story – all while using the product as a clever catalyst. Well done. Creativity is nurtured by problems, and this moment is full of problems and new insights. It is not easy to find relevant insights and turn them into interestin­g ideas, yet they did it in a nice way. I like the footage – I know it wasn’t shot for this campaign – and the final twist. The promotion that Bose and the same agency did recently is much more powerful and relevant; this one is still a nice ad. Al Mosafar AL MOSAFER: STORIES OF MECCA (4) Title: Stories of Mecca Agency: FP7 Riyadh Production company: Dejavu Executive producer: Manasavi Gosalia Director: Tahaab Rais DOP, cinematogr­aphy, editor, grading and colourist: Ayas Hassan Using real footage taken from real moments gives the film real merit. Offering people the chance to emotionall­y relive Mecca at a time when they can’t connect with it physically is both powerful and special. The execution is smart, and the takeout message is sincere. AL MOSAFER: STORIES OF MECCA (4) The video created an emotional connection with people. But apart from that, it sounds a little bit vague. It shows closeness but no commitment, and it is not easy to get what the brand stands for, at least for me. It is a nice insight but the idea could go deeper and further. CADILLAC CT5: THE PLEASURE IS ALL YOURS (5) Well produced car demo film, delivering the propositio­n. That’s it. CADILLAC CT5: THE PLEASURE IS ALL YOURS (5) It seems the automotive industry in the region has no idea where to go. Most of them are applying old solutions to new problems. The world has changed. Nobody really knows how much, yet, but it has changed. Showing a nice shot of their product with no story and a weak concept will not make any difference. It brings the brand out of context and makes it invisible. Now people are cutting unnecessar­y expenditur­e, I hardly see any relevance in merely showing a product. It is not easy to do a great campaign for cars, but at least brands should start somewhere and share their vision. If they do not take risks now, when sales are dramatical­ly low, then when? Cadillac Title: The pleasure is all yours Production house: Camouflage Production­s Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Director/DOP: Alessandro Pavoni Executive producer: Dania Salha Quaglio Producer: Keshav Purushot Post-production producer: Khalid Jabaly Editor: Ameya Gupta Colourist: Dan Mitre (DMM) Online editor: Ghassan Abboud Music compositio­n: Nnamdi Prince Elu

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