Campaign Middle East : 2020-06-28

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June 28, 2020 07 SO WHAT? How to tell compelling stories In his own podcast, Alex Blumberg from the Gimlet network gives some recommenda­tions on the fundamenta­l steps to making a high-quality podcast. Start with making a good pitch, which is accomplish­ed by answering the “so what?” question, having a character to move the narrative, and giving details on the topic. To structure a story, have: a) a sequence of actions; b) a point to which all the actions lead to; c) details to make the story vivid; d) a moment of feeling or reflection. Make sure to have all kinds of emotions. The basic rules when conducting an interview are having open-ended questions to get more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and, most importantl­y, to be a human being (be empathic and don’t act like a robot). To structure your story, divide the audio format into three categories, each one striving a different purpose. The first part is meant to sell your show. The two actions for achieving this consist of raising a question and making a promise that the story is going to be amazing. Then, the second part is meant to deliver on the sale. To do this, keep your audience engaged by adding something new (voice, music, sound effects) every 45 to 90 seconds. In the third part, the ideal is to finish gracefully. Achieve this by using representa­tions of the feeling or idea exposed instead of just describing it.

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