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11. Ac­tor who starred in the 1934 film adap­ta­tion of W Somerset Maugham’s 1915 novel Of Hu­man Bondage and Pyg­malion, based on a play by Ge­orge Bernard Shaw (6) 12. Jour­nal­ist sent on a mis­sion in 1869 to seek David Liv­ing­stone in Africa, where he found him two years later near Lake Tan­ganyika (7) 13. Scan­di­na­vian sea pi­rate and trader from the eighth to the mid-11th cen­tury, such as Eric Blood­axe (6) 14. Mother of the ti­tle char­ac­ter in Shake­speare’s play Co­ri­olanus (8) 15. Bag tra­di­tion­ally used for car­ry­ing school books (7) 16. One of the three gaseous ele­ments dis­cov­ered by Sir Wil­liam Ram­say and Mor­ris Travers in 1898 (4) 17. Stage name of the Acad­emy Award­win­ning ac­tor whose films in­clude Stage­coach, The Searchers, The Quiet Man and True Grit (5) 19. Long-legged species of bird wor­shipped by an­cient Egyp­tians (4) 20. In an­thro­pol­ogy, a sub­group of a tribe; also, in ge­ol­ogy, a nar­row stra­tum of coal or rock (4) 21. English name of a city sit­u­ated on the con­flu­ence of the Rhône and Saône rivers which is known as the French cap­i­tal of gas­tron­omy (5) 24. Branch of a tree; also each half of an archery bow (4) 26. An­cient Greek wrestling school at both Olympia and Del­phi (9) 29. One of the three mytho­log­i­cal Greek Furies, or Erinyes (6) 31. Our − Friend; the last novel com­pleted by Charles Dick­ens (6) 32. Ac­tor whose films in­clude Al­fie, The Ital­ian Job and Ed­u­cat­ing Rita (5) 33. Unit of mea­sure­ment for ion­is­ing ra­di­a­tion, named af­ter the Ger­man physi­cist who dis­cov­ered X-rays (8) 34. A nar­row loaf of French bread; a di­a­mond cut in a rec­tan­gu­lar shape; or a type of purse with a short shoul­der strap (8) 36. Goal­keeper noted for his part in the 4-2 vic­tory over West Ger­many in the 1966 World Cup fi­nal and what be­came known as the “save of the cen­tury” in the 1970 World Cup (5)

37. A ma­te­rial used in cloi­sonné (6) 39. Crop-cut­ting tool (6)

40.−- upon-Avon; mar­ket town in War­wick­shire, UK, birth­place of Eng­land’s national poet (9)

42. English ac­tress who starred in Oh! What a Lovely War, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and Im­ages (4)

43. Mildly-spiced curry of­ten made with in­gre­di­ents such as co­conut milk, yo­gurt, cashews or al­monds (5)

45. Ger­man baroque com­poser, who wrote Bran­den­burg Con­cer­tos and The

Well-Tem­pered Clavier (4) 47. Swiss hote­lier and busi­ness part­ner of French chef Au­guste Es­coffier (4) 48. Ja­panese dish based on raw fish, vine­gared rice and sea­weed (5) 52. Nick­name of Hablot Knight Browne, noted for his il­lus­tra­tions in many nov­els by Charles Dick­ens (4) 53. Va­ri­ety of sauce man­u­fac­tured by the HJ Heinz Com­pany (7) 55. One of eight chil­dren or an­i­mals born at one birth (8) 57. In gram­mar, a word used to ex­press more than one (6) 58. Ed­i­ble mol­lusc tra­di­tion­ally served cooked in its fan-shaped shell or in a small dish of the same name (7) 59. − plat­ing; dec­o­ra­tive fin­ish ap­plied to some mo­tor ve­hi­cles (6) DOWN 1. Known as the “sport of kings”, a game on horse­back played in a se­ries of chukkas (4) 2. Planet named af­ter the Ro­man de­ity of agri­cul­ture (6) 3. City in south­ern Turkey in a prov­ince of the same name (5) 4. City founded as Byzan­tium and later called Con­stantino­ple (8) 5. French com­mune sit­u­ated east of Mar­seille fa­mous for its cliffs (6) 6. Term for a de­flated tyre (4) 7. Fire-breath­ing crea­ture, hus­band of Echidna (6) 8. In ar­chi­tec­ture, a style of rounded con­vex mould­ing (5)

9. In­for­mal term for a cof­fee drink made with low-fat milk (6)

10. Marie −; queen who, like her hus­band Louis XVI, was guil­lotined dur­ing the French Rev­o­lu­tion (10) 18. French word mean­ing farewell (5) 20. Va­ri­ety of squash com­monly used to make soup or oven-roasted (9)

22. Don’t Sit Un­der the − (With Any­one Else

but Me); song that was pop­u­larised by Glenn Miller and the An­drews Sis­ters (5,4) 23. Ar­chi­pel­ago of ten is­lands with the cap­i­tal Praia (4,5) 25. Term for the char­ac­ter­is­tic aroma of perfume (7) 27. The cap­i­tal of Scot­land (9) 28. English poet who wrote Some of Me Po­ems and Songs and Thoughts of a

Late-Night Knit­ter (5) 30. Sec­tion of a river where the tide meets the stream (7) 32. Salad plant in the cab­bage fam­ily used to gar­nish egg sand­wiches (5) 35. Per­son who col­lects teddy bears (10)

38. Planet −; nat­u­ral his­tory se­ries nar­rated by David At­ten­bor­ough (5) 41. Study of cor­rect pro­nun­ci­a­tion (8) 44. Aus­trian com­poser of over 600 works in­clud­ing The Magic Flute (6)

46. The −; 2011 Acad­emy Award-win­ning black-and-white silent film (6) 47. Va­ri­ety of ice cream with fruit syrup run­ning through it (6) 49. Of­fi­cial re­spon­si­ble for ar­bi­trat­ing a cricket match (6) 50. Com­posed of the cra­nium and the mandible, the struc­ture en­clos­ing the en­cephalon (5) 51. Night-scented −; com­mon name of a fra­grant flow­er­ing plant, Matthi­ola (5) 54. Ac­tor who fea­tured in the Nescafé Gold Blend TV ad­verts and later in

Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer (4) 56. A tele­vi­sion pro­duc­tion award (4)

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