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Friday - - Wanted -

1. To the near­est num­ber, how many litres of blood are con­tained in an aver­age adult male hu­man body? a. 30 b. 14 c. 5 d. 62 2. Which sugar sub­sti­tute is mostly made from corn syrup? a. Su­cralose b. As­par­tame c. Sac­cha­rine d. Sor­bitol 3. Abra­ham Lin­coln was born on Fe­bru­ary 12 1809. Who else was born on that same day? a. Al­fred Ten­nyson b. Charles Dar­win c. Edgar Al­lan Poe d. Felix Men­delssohn

4. Which film orig­i­nated the ob­ses­sion/jeal­ousy term ‘bunny boiler’? a. Water­ship Down b. Peter Rab­bit c. Fa­tal At­trac­tion d. The Wind in the Wil­lows

At­trac­tion Fa­tal c. 4. Dar­win Charles b. 3. Sor­bitol d. 2.

5 c. 1. An­swers

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