Take 10 top ex­cuses that work for al­most ev­ery­thing

Friday - - Wanted - As told to Hina Navin, a Dubai-based free­lancer

1 I’m paint­ing my room on the 23rd so I can’t drive you to the air­port. Sorry, did you say you’re leav­ing on the 24th? Hmmm, I’m ob­serv­ing the ‘Don’t Go Out Day’ on the 24th, it’s an an­cient tribal tra­di­tion I’m re­viv­ing. 2I

haven’t fin­ished think­ing of what to tweet to­day so I can’t do any chores. My fol­low­ers will be dis­ap­pointed! 3My

horo­scope says I can’t leave the house as I’ll be bit­ten by a baby. Sorry I can’t come to work – it’s too risky! 4The

thought of cook­ing gives me a panic at­tack so it would be great if you could make my din­ner. 5It’s

very dif­fi­cult for me to stick to a diet un­less you want to give me the ‘all you can eat as long as it’s French fries diet.’ Af­ter all, French women don’t put on weight. Well, at least that’s what that book said. 6Can

you an­swer the door­bell please? I haven’t fin­ished tag­ging my­self in the Face­book pic­tures from yes­ter­day’s party. 7So

sorry I couldn’t at­tend the sem­i­nar, I couldn’t find my house keys and then when I fi­nally did, I couldn’t find the car keys. What a night­mare! 8I

have a rare case of 24-hour se­lec­tive blind­ness. I can browse the in­ter­net but I can’t see any­thing out­side, so I can’t help with the gar­den­ing. 9Take

out the rub­bish? I can’t pos­si­bly do that un­til I get my roots done. Some­one might see me. 10I

think I set my New Year’s res­o­lu­tions too high at the be­gin­ning of the year so I’m think­ing of post­pon­ing them to 2014.

Lisa Ge­orge, Di­rec­tor, Iris PR,


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