quick takes

Friday - - Mindbenders -

1. Which is the tallest build­ing in the western hemi­sphere and the third-tallest build­ing in the world by pin­na­cle height, and the tallest in New York City? a. The Em­pire State Build­ing b. The Chrysler Build­ing c. The Flat Iron Build­ing d. One World Trade Cen­ter 2. What does ‘mon­de­green’ re­fer to? a. Cli­mate change b. Gar­den­ing c. Jeal­ousy d. Mis­heard lyrics 3. An adult oys­ter can fil­ter up to what vol­ume of wa­ter per day? a. Two pints b. Ten pints c. Ten litres d. Fifty gal­lons 4. Spain’s Ca­nary Is­lands are named af­ter what? a. Birds b. Dogs c. Caves d. Trees

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