Meetha karela aur teekhi roti

(serves 2)

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Prep time: Overnight

Cook­ing time: 35 mins

In­gre­di­ents 1 large bit­ter gourd, halved ver­ti­cally with soft flesh scooped out 1 lemon, juiced 1/2 tsp minced ginger 1 tsp minced gar­lic 1 tbsp se­same seeds, soaked overnight 3 tbsp split ben­gal gram (chana dal), soaked overnight 2 tbsp peanuts, skins re­moved, soaked overnight 1 tsp red chilli pow­der 1/2 tsp cumin pow­der 1/2 tsp co­rian­der pow­der 4 whole dry red chill­ies 200ml oil 3 medium-size onions, chopped 6 green chill­ies, thinly sliced ver­ti­cally 2 tbsp ta­marind pulp 2 tbsp jag­gery, soaked in wa­ter salt Method: 1. Mar­i­nate bit­ter gourd in lemon juice and a lit­tle salt

for at least 5 hours. 2. Grind to­gether ginger, gar­lic, se­same seeds, split ben­gal gram, peanuts, spice pow­ders and whole red chill­ies with a lit­tle wa­ter to make a smooth paste. Set aside. 3. Heat 100ml oil in a fry­ing pan and deep-fry onions on medium heat un­til golden brown and crispy. Drain and re­move. Leave to cool, then crush. 4. In same pan, fry green chill­ies un­til they be­gin to turn white. Drain on ab­sorbent pa­per. 5. Re­heat oil and sauté ground paste with a lit­tle salt un­til it be­gins to turn brown. Add ta­marind pulp, jag­gery and a third of the fried onions. Sauté for 2-3 min­utes. 6. Re­move mix­ture from heat and spoon into one half of pre­pared bit­ter gourd shell. Place other half over it and se­cure with kitchen string, en­sur­ing stuff­ing does not ooze out. 7. Heat re­main­ing oil in fry­ing pan and shal­low-fry bit­ter gourd un­til cooked through, cov­er­ing af­ter about 5 min­utes so that gourd cooks in its own steam. 8. Serve with turnip pickle and a spicy In­dian flat­bread.

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