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1. “DC Comics” is a re­dun­dant ab­bre­vi­a­tion as the ‘C’ al­ready stands for ‘Comics’. What does the ‘D’ stand for? a. Dell b. Dakota c. De­tec­tive d. Dover

2. The Chronic Arg­onauts is a short story by HGWells (pic­tured) that be­came which novel? a. The Time Ma­chine b. Heart of Dark­ness c. Ulysses d. 1984 3. Which el­e­ment is the odd one out? a. Yt­trium b. Ytterbium c. Ter­bium d. Bar­ium 4. Which sport­ing im­ple­ment is wooden and usu­ally crafted from hick­ory trees? a. Cricket bat b. Pole vault pole c. Base­ball bat d. Lacrosse stick stick Lacrosse d. 4. mined first were ele­ments the where vil­lage Swedish the Yt­terby, for named all are oth­ers the( Bar­ium d. 3. Ma­chine Time The a. 2. De­tec­tive c. 1. An­swers

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