In to­mor­row’s fi­nal episode of Food­shala, three par­tic­i­pants will fight it out for the prized tro­phy with th­ese recipes


As the cur­tain falls on Food­shala, three con­tes­tants go head-to-head for the prized tro­phy.

Grilled prawns on moilee-soaked string hop­pers

(serves 1)

Prep time: 30 mins

Cook­ing time: 15 mins


For prawns

1 tsp gar­lic paste pinch sugar pinch salt

1 black car­damom

2.5cm cin­na­mon stick

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp cloves

3 tbsp black pep­per­corns

4 tiger prawns, shelled, slit, de­veined and but­ter­flied with tail on hand­ful curry leaves

1 tsp co­conut oil

1 pre­pared stringhop­per For the moilee

3 tbsp co­conut oil

4-5 cloves

2 gar­lic cloves, chopped

1 onion, finely chopped pinch turmeric pow­der

2 tsp white pep­per pow­der

1/2 cup very thin co­conut milk

1/2 cup thin co­conut milk

1/2 cup thick co­conut milk

1 tsp ghee (clar­i­fied but­ter)

3 shal­lots, crushed

3-4 curry leaves

1 tomato, cut into roundels salt

Method: 1. To pre­pare prawns, mix to­gether gar­lic paste, sugar and salt. Mar­i­nate prawns in this mix­ture for about 30 min­utes.

2. Mean­while, toast all whole spices in a fry­ing pan un­til fra­grant. Re­move from heat and place in a mor­tar. In the same hot pan, toast a few curry leaves un­til they be­gin to change colour then add to spices in mor­tar. Add pinch of salt and pound un­til you get a coarse pow­der.

3. Heat co­conut oil in fry­ing pan. Coat prawns in pre­pared spice mix­ture and place in fry­ing pan. Cook for about 3 min­utes then turn over. When prawns are cooked take them out of pan im­me­di­ately.

4. To make moilee sauce, heat co­conut oil in a pan then add 3 cloves. Add gar­lic and onion and sauté un­til onion is translu­cent.

5. Add turmeric pow­der, pep­per and salt. Sauté and add very thin co­conut milk. Stir and when mix­ture be­gins to bub­ble add thin co­conut milk. Again, heat it un­til it be­gins to bub­ble. Fi­nally, add thick co­conut milk, stir well and heat through.

6. Heat ghee in small fry­ing pan. Add shal­lots, re­main­ing cloves and curry leaves. Let it splut­ter for a few sec­onds then pour it over moilee.

7. To serve, place a stringhop­per in a shal­low soup bowl. Pour moilee over and ar­range prawns on top. Gar­nish with re­main­ing curry leaves and serve.

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