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ACROSS 1. Devon­shire-born ex­plorer and trans­la­tor of works in­clud­ing The Ara­bian Nights who was the first Euro­pean to see Lake Tan­ganyika (6) 4. Com­mune of Cor­sica, cap­i­tal of the depart­ment Corse-du-Sud, birth­place of Napoleon Bon­a­parte (7) 8. Swim­ming, cycling, run­ning or rowing race at full speed over a short dis­tance (6) 14. Known col­lec­tively as a charm, a floor-feed­ing song­bird com­mon in gar­dens, wood­lands, parks and hedgerows (9) 15. Swedish-style buffet con­sist­ing of a range of foods such as bread, gravlax, boiled eggs, cheeses, gherkins, pick­led her­ring and beet­root salad (11) 16. Coun­try with a blue, black and white national flag, cap­i­tal Tallinn (7) 17. − army knife; brand of pocket multi-tool with a red han­dle, man­u­fac­tured by Vic­tori­nox (5) 18. Type of choco­late with a sweet

fon­dant fill­ing of the same name (7) 19. Bo­li­vian cap­i­tal, sit­u­ated in the An­des at an al­ti­tude of ap­prox­i­mately 12,000ft, one of the high­est cities in the world (2,3) 21. Self-pro­pelled sub­ma­rine mis­sile; the genus name of elec­tric rays; or an­other term for a sub­ma­rine sand­wich (7) 23. The − Body; Bafta award-win­ning tele­vi­sion se­ries pre­sented by pro­fes­sor Robert Win­ston (5) 29. Methodist preacher who founded

the Sal­va­tion Army in 1865 (5) 30. − acid; chem­i­cal com­pound pro­duced in mus­cle tis­sues dur­ing stren­u­ous ex­er­cise, caus­ing a burn­ing sen­sa­tion (6) Sheer and crisp cot­ton tex­tile used for for­mal dresses and cur­tains (8) 34. 2003 film based on a book by Laura

Hil­len­brand (10) 36. Ar­chi­pel­ago of 115 coral and gran­ite is­lands in the In­dian Ocean, in which coco de mer is en­demic (10) 38. Also known as The El­e­men­tary Par­ti­cles, 1998 novel by French writer Michel Houelle­becq (8)


39. Rel­ish such as Branston, served as part of a plough­man’s lunch (6)

40.− ac­etate; or­ganic com­pound used to flavour pear drops (5) 42. The fe­male of the don­key (5) 44. No­bel Prize-win­ning nov­el­ist and poet who wrote The Jun­gle Book, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Just So Sto­ries, Kim, and Gunga Din (7) 45. Cake top­ping with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing but­ter­cream, fon­dant, ganache, glacé and royal (5) 50. Leather strap pass­ing un­der a horse’s dock to pre­vent a sad­dle or har­ness from slip­ping (7) 52. Su­per−; Bri­tish pro­gres­sive rock group who re­leased the al­bum Even

in the Qui­etest Mo­ments... in 1977 (5) 54. Pi­ano-like in­stru­ment that fea­tures in Py­otr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s bal­lad

The Voyevoda and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (7) 56. In­door game played with a pot and sets of squidgers (11) 57. Avi­a­tor who made the first non-stop solo transat­lantic flight in a sin­gleengined mono­plane (9)

58. The Com­edy of −; Shake­speare’s play with the lines: “Am I in earth...? Sleep­ing or wak­ing? mad or wellad­vised? Known unto th­ese, and to my­self dis­guised!” (6) 59. Founded in 1818 and now based in Hen­ley-on-Thames, one of the old­est rowing clubs in the world (7) 60. Con­ser­va­tive politi­cian turned nov­el­ist who wrote The Fourth

Es­tate (6)


1. The − List; 2007 com­edy drama film star­ring Jack Ni­chol­son and Mor­gan Free­man (6) 2. To cook meat, cof­fee/cocoa beans, veg­eta­bles or peanuts with dry heat (5) 3. Ger­man-born French com­poser who wrote Or­pheus in the Un­der­world and The Tales of Hoff­mann (9) 5. St −; con­stituent col­lege of the Univer­sity of Cam­bridge with no­table alumni in­clud­ing Wil­liam Wordsworth, Sir John Cock­croft and Mau­rice Wilkes (5) 6. W-shaped con­stel­la­tion bor­der­ing Perseus, named af­ter the mytho­log­i­cal Greek wife of Cepheus, mother of An­dromeda (10) 7. Trooper in the Par­lia­men­tar­ian cav­alry formed by Oliver Cromwell dur­ing the English Civil War (8) 9. Food with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing conchiglie, fusilli and far­falle (5) 10. The largest of the Ja­panese Vol­cano Is­lands (3,4) 11. Royal Air Force com­man­der who served dur­ing both World Wars; also a ma­chine used in hay-mak­ing (6) 12. Al­loy used in the mak­ing of sci­en­tific in­stru­ments and clocks (5) 13. Lo­ca­tion of the Great Sphinx (5) 20. Egg-shaped trop­i­cal fruit with green pro­tein-rich flesh (7) 22. National flower of Colom­bia (6) 24. The man­ner in which a lan­guage is spo­ken or writ­ten ac­cord­ing to its cus­tom­ary rules (5) 25. Ocean depths which never re­ceive day­light, 4,000m-6,000m down (7) 26. The dou­ble layer sec­tion of a shirt where the but­tons are sewn (7) 27. Crime se­ries star­ring Rob­bie Coltrane as the char­ac­ter Fitz (7) 28. − Tales; col­lec­tion of 10 fa­bles by In­dian nov­el­ist Vikram Seth (7) 32. Marine mam­mal liv­ing in a pod (7) 33. Gar­ment sim­i­lar to a gilet (6) 35. Mytho­log­i­cal Greek king bound to a re­volv­ing wheel of fire by Zeus (5) 37. Author of Tarka the Ot­ter (10) 40. Leg­endary sword of King Arthur (9) 41. The −; length of 240 yards from the win­ning post on a race­course (8) 43. Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Quito (7) 46. Agri­cul­tural hand tool (6) 47. English land­scape ar­chi­tect nick­named “Ca­pa­bil­ity” (5) 48. Baked good eaten with jam and cream (5) 49. Disc used as a seal or spacer (6) 51. Word link­ing bear, cap or 41 Down (5) 53. A bean, chick­pea, pea or lentil (5)

55. Jack and −; 1995 film star­ring Richard E Grant (5)

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