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ACROSS 1. Screen­writer and di­rec­tor who co-founded Comic Re­lief and whose no­table films in­clude Four Wed­dings and a Fu­neral, Brid­get Jones’ Diary, Not­ting Hill and Love Ac­tu­ally (6) 5. Is­land coun­try south of Si­cily with the cap­i­tal Val­letta, built dur­ing the rule of the Or­der of St John (5) 8. In­dian ap­pe­tiser of veg­eta­bles and spices en­cased in pas­try, served hot and crisp with chut­ney (6) 13. Rus­sian-born artist noted for vivid works of cu­bist im­agery such as The Green Don­key, The Cat Trans­formed into a Woman, Bou­quet with Fly­ing Lovers and The Blue Cir­cus (7) 14. Scot­tish the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who for­mu­lated the the­ory of elec­tro­mag­netism (7) 15. Botan­i­cal term for the in­flo­res­cence char­ac­ter­is­tic of plants in­clud­ing car­rot, dill, fennel and pars­ley (5) 16. In clas­si­cal ballet, the po­si­tion of bal­anc­ing and sup­port­ing all the body weight on the tips of the toes (6) 17. Mr _____; char­ac­ter in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prej­u­dice, por­trayed by Colin Firth in a 1995 tele­vi­sion adap­ta­tion (5) 18. Also known as the te­len­cephalon, the largest part of the hu­man brain, which func­tions to con­trol all vol­un­tary ac­tions and de­ter­mine in­tel­li­gence and per­son­al­ity (8) 21. The largest river in the world by wa­ter flow and sec­ond-long­est; also a rain­for­est con­tain­ing one third of all known species of fauna (6) 23. Mytho­log­i­cal Greek Ti­tan forced to wear the weight of the heav­ens on his shoul­ders for eter­nity by Zeus (5) 24. The ______; se­ries of paint­ings by Ed­vard Munch por­tray­ing his feel­ings of anx­i­ety and dread (6) 27. Ei­ther of the two sec­tions of the hu­man body con­tain­ing a car­pometacarpal joint (5) 29. Per­fect or flaw­less di­a­mond of 100 carats or more (7) 31. Mr _______; brand of cakes with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing cherry bakewells and French fan­cies (7) 33. Sea­port in Chile sit­u­ated north-west

of the cap­i­tal, San­ti­ago (10)

34. An­other name for the gnu (10) 37. An iso­lated peak of rock pro­trud­ing above the sur­face of an ice sheet (7) 39. Mem­ber of a guid­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion for girls aged seven to 10 that was founded by Lord Baden-Pow­ell in 1914 (7) 40. Con­stel­la­tion in the north­ern sky said to rep­re­sent the sea mon­ster sent to de­vour An­dromeda and slain by Perseus (5) 41. Royal ______; in the UK, a sov­er­eign’s for­mal ac­qui­es­cence of a Bill, mak­ing it an Act of Par­lia­ment (6) 44. Mu­si­cal term for a rhythm based on two main beats to the bar (5) 46. Group of nine Egyp­tian deities con­sist­ing of Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set and Neph­thys (6) 50. Daugh­ter of Pan­dion, turned into a nightingale while her sis­ter Procne be­came a swal­low (8) 51. Hot bev­er­age based on espresso, hot milk and cocoa pow­der (5) 52. Peg for the bung­hole of a cask (6) 56. The bright­est star in the con­stel­la­tion Cygnus (5) 57. Mo­ra­vian city on the Mo­rava River (7) 58. _______ Hedge; se­ries of il­lus­trated chil­dren’s books by Jill Barklem (7) 59. Anatom­i­cal term for the crown of the head (6) 60. Word link­ing blue, ic­ing, jelly and pur­ple (5) 61. Sit­u­ated on the is­land of New Prov­i­dence, the cap­i­tal of the Ba­hamas (6) DOWN 2. Chem­i­cal el­e­ment used in nu­clear re­ac­tors, atomic num­ber 92 (7) 3. French _____; dish known also known as eggy bread (5) 4. Word link­ing Dover and lemon (4) 5. Sec­ond-largest city in Kenya (7) 6. Area of lin­guis­tics con­cerned with the study and mean­ing of words (10) 7. Sea­port in Ye­men on the Red Sea (4) 8. English comic ac­tor re­mem­bered as part of The Goon Show and later as In­spec­tor Clouseau in The Pink

Pan­ther se­ries of films (7)

9. The _________; mur­der mys­tery play by Agatha Christie (9) 10. Vast re­gion ex­tend­ing from the Urals to the Pa­cific, one of the cold­est in­hab­ited places on Earth (7) 11. Length of rope or chain ex­tended when a ves­sel rides at an­chor (5) 12. Wa­ter chan­nel for con­vey­ing logs (5) 19. Back­pack for a sol­dier or hiker (8) 20. The cap­i­tal of Paraguay (8) 22. Species of equine an­i­mal owned by Lord Wal­ter Roth­schild (5) 25. Shakin’ _______; stage name of the singer born Michael Bar­ratt, noted for This Ole House and Green Door (7) 26. Al­ter­na­tive term for nar­cis­sism (7) 28. His­tor­i­cally, a Prus­sian lancer (5) 30. Flower-heads used crushed in the Moroc­can spice mix Ras al hanout (8) 31. Tra­di­tional Bri­tish break­fast dish from colo­nial In­dia of rice with flaked smoked had­dock and boiled eggs (8) 32. Latin phrase mean­ing “that is” (2,3) 35. English philoso­pher who wrote The

Ad­vance­ment of Learn­ing (5) 36. Study of the forms of words (10) 38. Fan­tasy novel by JRR Tolkien (3,6) 42. _______ Mu­seum; site of Stephen­son’s Rocket on Ex­hi­bi­tion Road, Lon­don (7) 43. Pre­sen­ter of When Louis Met... (7) 45. De­not­ing a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal only avail­able to the gen­eral pub­lic on doc­tor’s pre­scrip­tion (7) 47. Branch of maths us­ing sym­bols and let­ters to rep­re­sent for­mu­lae (7) 48. Pot­tery founded in 1767 in Stoke-onTrent that launched the Blue Ital­ian range in 1816 (5) 49. His­tor­i­cal type of corset and the strips of whale­bone used as sup­port (5) 53. Tenor who co-founded the Alde­burgh Fes­ti­val of Mu­sic and the Arts with Ben­jamin Brit­ten and Eric Crozier in 1948 (5) 54. Petit ____; bite-sized cake or bis­cuit served fol­low­ing a main course (4) 55. Lit­er­ary word for black (4)


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