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This per­son is an ex­pert and a font of knowl­edge in their given area, whether that’s an­cient ar­chae­ol­ogy or the mer­its of new can­cer-fight­ing drugs. They’re highly val­ued for their knowl­edge and ex­per­tise and they save com­pa­nies huge amounts of money and time be­cause they can pre­dict with de­tail and ac­cu­racy of the mer­its or pit­falls of any given plan. They’re highly fo­cused peo­ple and pas­sion­ate about their spe­cial­ist area. They’re trust­wor­thy and at the top of the field in their sub­ject. What they do: They’re found in en­gi­neer­ing, build­ing, com­put­ing and sci­en­tific roles, and some work with for­eign lan­guages as in­ter­preters and trans­la­tors. Weak­nesses: The learner can be ob­ses­sive and not in­ter­ested in any­thing out­side their spe­cial­ist area. In turn, if col­leagues aren’t in­ter­ested in the Learner’s field of ex­per­tise, they tend to find them dull. The Learner is of­ten seen as an out­sider within an or­gan­i­sa­tion – they’re like a con­sul­tant who ap­pears on the pay­roll but isn’t one of the team. There’s a dan­ger they over spe­cialise in an area that may be­come out­dated, and that’s when they hit a brick wall in their ca­reer path.


Find out if spe­cial­is­ing is a good long-term ca­reer strat­egy – look at re­cent pro­mo­tions within your com­pany and see who’s mov­ing up­wards. Keep up­dat­ing your skills so you move with the times and don’t get left be­hind with your out­dated knowl­edge.

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