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11. Scot­tish ac­tor who starred as Vic­tor Mel­drew in David Ren­wick’s sit­com One Foot in the Grave (6) 12. French −; also known as the Côte d’Azur, the Mediter­ranean coastal re­gion ex­tend­ing from La Spezia through Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez (7) 13. English au­thor who wrote the Wilt se­ries of nov­els (6) 14. Aro­matic pods of a plant in the gin­ger fam­ily, used in Asian cook­ery in both sweet and savoury dishes (8) 15. Named af­ter the Ro­man god of the sea, a planet 17 times the mass of Earth with 13 known moons; winds of which reach up to 700mph (7) 16. Find the −; an­other name for the con­fi­dence game, three-card trick (4) 17. In­spec­tor −; crime writer Colin Dex­ter’s char­ac­ter in a se­ries of nov­els in­clud­ing Last Bus to Wood­stock (5) 19. Va­ri­ety of aged cheese served crum­bled or cubed in Greek salad (4) 20. Crusty end of a loaf of bread; sec­tion of a vi­o­lin bow; or part of the hu­man body con­tain­ing the cal­ca­neus (4) 21. The na­tional fruit of In­dia (5) 25. Branch of a cross; ei­ther of the two halves of an archery bow; or the edge of a sex­tant (4) 27. English sci­en­tist co-awarded the 1973 No­bel Prize in Chem­istry for con­tri­bu­tions to­wards ho­mo­ge­neous tran­si­tion metal catal­y­sis (9) 29. Ac­tor who played Jack Wool­ley in the BBC Ra­dio se­rial The Archers for more than three decades (6) 31. The foot-op­er­ated levers of a bi­cy­cle or a pi­ano (6) 32. With ap­prox­i­mately 1.2 bil­lion peo­ple, the se­cond-most pop­u­lous coun­try in the world af­ter China (5) 34. Son of a − Man; sin­gle recorded by Dusty Spring­field in 1968 that fea­tured in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 movie Pulp Fic­tion (8) 35. Me­dieval mu­si­cian who re­cited his own or oth­ers’ po­ems or songs to mu­si­cal ac­com­pa­ni­ment for roy­alty or high so­ci­ety (8)

37. − of For­tune; UK ver­sion of Merv Grif­fin’s game show orig­i­nally pre­sented by Nicky Camp­bell (5) 38. First foot­baller to earn 100 caps (6) 40. Bulb-like stem base of a Mediter­ranean plant eaten as a vegetable, typ­i­cally with fish dishes (6) 41. Stretch­ing from Trafal­gar Square to Par­lia­ment Street, the site of a se­ries of govern­ment of­fices in­clud­ing 10 Down­ing Street in the UK (9) 44. Ja­panese form of heavy­weight wrestling based on grap­pling (4) 45. Ma­te­rial used in thatch­ing and for horse bed­ding (5) 47. Ob­long wooden bas­ket used for car­ry­ing fruits and flow­ers har­vested from the gar­den (4)

49.− 101; com­edy se­ries pre­sented by Frank Skin­ner, named af­ter a tor­ture cham­ber in Ge­orge Or­well’s 1984 (4) 50. Trick-tak­ing game for three play­ers us­ing 40 cards (5) 54. Lady −; stage name of the singer­song­writer whose hit sin­gles in­clude Just Dance, Bad Ro­mance and Tele­phone (4)

56. Town in Shrop­shire, UK, named af­ter the Scot­tish civil en­gi­neer dubbed the “Colos­sus of Roads” (7)

58. English ar­chi­tect who de­signed Blen­heim Palace and Cas­tle Howard and wrote the come­dies The Re­lapse

and The Pro­voked Wife (8) 60. UK prime min­is­ter from 1743-54 (6) 61. Vic­to­rian philoso­pher and so­ci­ol­o­gist who coined the phrase “sur­vival of the fittest” (7)

62. Book form­ing part of a se­ries (6)


1. The cap­i­tal of Peru; also a code word used in ra­dio com­mu­ni­ca­tion (4) 2. Com­pi­la­tion al­bum by rock band Soundgar­den with tracks in­clud­ing Hands All Over and Black Hole Sun (1-5) 3. The −; eighth in the Jack Reacher se­ries of nov­els by Lee Child (5) 4. Soldier nick­named Old Iron­sides who led the Round­heads through much of the English Civil War (8) 5. Hyp­no­tist in Ge­orge du Mau­rier’s 1894 novel Trilby (8) 6. Ei­ther of two broth­ers who formed part of the New Ro­man­tic band Span­dau Bal­let with Tony Hadley and oth­ers (4) 7. Ris­ing in the Black For­est and flow­ing to the Black Sea, the se­cond-long­est river in Europe (6) 8. One of the UK’s Home Coun­ties (5) 9. Tra­di­tional Va­len­cian rice dish flavoured with saf­fron (6) 10. In­for­mal name for a potato (4) 18. Stone fruit used to make tape­nade and cook­ing oil (5) 20. 2005 thriller star­ring Bruce Willis based on a novel by Robert Crais (7) 22. Val­ley be­tween rocky hills (5) 23. Roulade-like cake of sponge and jam, dusted with caster sugar (5, 4) 24. Char­ac­ter in Water­ship Down; also a plant in the genus Veron­ica (9) 26. Founder of Vir­gin Group, where he is known as Dr Yes (7) 28. Coun­try con­tain­ing eight of the world’s 10 high­est peaks (5) 30. Science or art of ma­noeu­vring armed forces in pres­ence of the 3 Down (7) 32. A rel­a­tive by mar­riage (2-3) 33. Sys­tem of search­ing for wa­ter or ley lines us­ing a di­vin­ing rod (7) 36. − gas; al­ter­na­tive term for any of the Group 18 el­e­ments on the pe­ri­odic ta­ble (5) 39. Au­thor cred­ited with writ­ing

The Iliad and The Odyssey (5) 42. Oak nymph, wife of Or­pheus (8) 43. Species of suc­cu­lent plant (4, 4) 46. Lack of emo­tion or en­thu­si­asm (6) 48. Pi­quant sauce eaten with meat, fish, burg­ers and cheese (6) 51. Miss −; Agatha Christie’s crime­solv­ing char­ac­ter de­picted by var­i­ous ac­tresses in­clud­ing Joan Hick­son and Ju­lia McKen­zie (6) 52. Ac­tor who starred as Gen­eral Zod in Su­per­man (5) 53. In cards, a jack (5) 55. Port in Ye­men on the Red Sea (4) 57. Ac­tor who starred in the 2002 movie The Bourne Iden­tity (4) 59. Di­vi­sion of play in ten­nis (4)

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