You are known for be­ing hon­est to a fault, gen­er­ous and open-minded. Has that ever landed you in any trou­ble?

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You know, peo­ple will al­ways have an opin­ion about a per­son who is a pub­lic fig­ure. I have come to ac­cept that. Some­times I feel like telling my crit­ics, “See this opin­ion you have is wrong”. But I don’t have the time for that. I need to work, I need to make peo­ple happy. Some­times while chat­ting with peo­ple some­thing said in good hu­mour is mis­con­strued, which can get you into trou­ble. But I’ve come to ac­cept that be­cause I know I am a pub­lic fig­ure – Shah Rukh Khan.

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