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One of my rel­a­tives is suf­fer­ing from hidradeni­tis sup­pu­ra­tiva (acne in­versa). Does Ayurveda have a cure for this? NAME WITH­HELD ON RE­QUEST Hidradeni­tis sup­pu­ra­tiva is a pea-sized or slightly big­ger lump found un­der the skin and is seen as a se­vere form of acne that de­vel­ops around oil glands and hair fol­li­cles. It usu­ally ap­pears as one or more red and painful bumps that fill with pus. It com­monly oc­curs where oil and sweat glands are found, for ex­am­ple in the armpits or groin area. It may also oc­cur in ar­eas where skin rubs to­gether, such as the in­ner thighs or un­der the breasts.

Ex­cess weight, stress, hor­monal changes, cig­a­rette smok­ing, heat or ex­ces­sive per­spi­ra­tion can worsen the symp­toms.

As is the case with con­ven­tional acne, hidradeni­tis sup­pu­ra­tiva de­vel­ops when the oil glands and hair fol­li­cle open­ings be­come blocked. When oils and other skin prod­ucts be­come trapped, they push into sur­round­ing tis­sue. Bac­te­ria can then trig­ger in­fec­tion and in­flam­ma­tion. Some­times hidradeni­tis sup­pu­ra­tiva oc­curs along with other dis­eases, such as Crohn’s disease or her­pes sim­plex.

Early treat­ment can help man­age the symp­toms and pre­vent new le­sions.

A warm face­cloth or com­press can help re­duce swelling. He/she could gen­tly wash the af­fected ar­eas with an­tibac­te­rial soap then ap­ply an Ayurvedic ap­pli­ca­tion like Jathyadi ghritham or an over-the-counter an­tibi­otic cream. Clothes and un­der­wear should be loose fit­ting to pre­vent skin ir­ri­ta­tion. The af­fected ar­eas should not be shaved and he or she should try to lose weight, if nec­es­sary.

Your rel­a­tive should consult an Ayurvedic doc­tor for a de­tailed con­sul­ta­tion.

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