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out this shiny-stripes look at home by cut­ting Sel­lotape into 10 blocks and then cut­ting each of those into three thin strips. 2Prep

with a base coat, then ap­ply two coats of a dark pol­ish such as NLCA’s Black, Dh70, West LA. Wait for it to dry com­pletely then stick Sel­lotape strips along the tips, mid­dle and bot­tom of each nail, spac­ing them evenly. For long nails you might need a fourth strip. 3Ap­ply

gold pol­ish over the gaps. We love Sally Hansen’s Golden 485, Dh19, Boots. Wait for the gold to dry com­pletely, then re­move the tape strips, and fin­ish with a shiny top coat.

beau­tyxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx Sis­ley White Eye Pen­cil Dh185, Paris


Sally Hansen Nail Colour in Golden 485 Dh19, Boots Phar­macy

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