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1. Which wa­ter-borne disease is con­sid­ered sec­ond only to malaria in its dam­age to global pop­u­la­tion/health? a. Cholera b. Bil­harzia c. Amoe­bi­a­sis d. Hep­ati­tis A 2. Which is the only Com­mon­wealth coun­try in South Amer­ica? a. Guyana b. Suri­nam c. Venezuela d. Colombia 3. The pygmy ele­phant is a res­i­dent of the rain­forests on which is­land? a. Bor­neo b. Sri Lanka c. Mada­gas­car d. Java bat Base­ball a. 4. Bor­neo a. 3. Guyana a. 2. Bil­harzia b. 1.


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