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12 Mrs −−; au­thor whose nov­els in­clude Mary Bar­ton, Cran­ford, North and South, Sylvia’s Lovers and a post­hu­mous bi­og­ra­phy of her friend Char­lotte Brontë (7) 13 Dis­trict in the City of West­min­ster bounded by Park Lane, Pic­cadilly and Re­gent Street (7) 14 Ac­tor who starred as 007 in Casino Royale and Sky­fall (5) 15 Ac­tress re­mem­bered for her role as Lady Brack­nell in the 1952 film ver­sion of Os­car Wilde’s play The Im­por­tance of Be­ing Earnest (5) 16 Generic name for ma­rine al­gae col­lec­tively; edi­ble va­ri­eties of which in­clude Ir­ish moss, laver, nori, su­gar kelp, sea let­tuce and spir­ulina (7) 17 Vil­lage in Ar­gyll and Bute, site of a cas­tle that ap­peared in the video of the song Mull of Kin­tyre by Paul Mc­Cart­ney and his band Wings (7) 18 −−: A World War II Story of Sur­vival, Re­silience, and Re­demp­tion; 2010 non-fic­tion by Se­abis­cuit au­thor Laura Hil­len­brand (8) 20 The sec­ond-long­est-serv­ing UK fe­male MP in the his­tory of the House of Com­mons, who as Min­is­ter of Trans­port in­tro­duced the 70mph speed limit and the breathal­yser test (6) 22 Shep­herdess in The Win­ter’s Tale (5) 25 This De­sir­able −−; 1970 col­lec­tion of car­toons by Nor­man Thel­well (4) 26 Ital­ian Re­nais­sance artist and ar­chi­tect who cre­ated the al­tar­piece Sis­tine Madonna, fea­tur­ing a pair of cherubs rest­ing be­neath Mary (7) 27 Au­thor who wrote the chil­dren’s clas­sic Tom’s Mid­night Gar­den (6) 30 Also called Queen Anne’s lace, a hedgerow plant with fern-like leaves and um­bels of del­i­cate white flow­ers dur­ing mid-spring and early sum­mer (3,7) 32 The sci­ence and study of the mind and be­hav­iour (10) 34 −− Chal­lenge; tele­vi­sion show that was orig­i­nally pre­sented by quiz­mas­ter Bam­ber Gas­coigne and, since 1994, Jeremy Pax­man (10) 36 Chi­nese ap­pe­tiser of filo-wrapped bean sprouts and juli­enned

veg­eta­bles, cooked un­til golden and crisp (6,4) 39 Genus name of the cal­ico bush (6) 41 From the Ja­panese lit­er­ally mean­ing “har­bour wave”, a cat­a­clysm trig­gered by tec­tonic ac­tiv­ity (7)

42 Com­fort­ably −−; Pink Floyd sin­gle re­leased in 1980 with the B-side

Hey You (4) 46 −− a Boy; 2002 com­edy drama film star­ring Hugh Grant and Rachel Weisz, based on a novel by Nick Hornby (5) 47 Founder and leader of a Bri­tish fas­cist party nick­named Black­shirts, par­o­died by PGWode­house in his nov­els as Sir Rod­er­ick Spode (6) 48 Ac­cord­ing to leg­end, the most trusted of King Arthur’s knights, who had an af­fair with his wife Queen Guin­e­vere (8) 51 34 Across stu­dent in their first year (7) 53 Chem­i­cal el­e­ment in the tran­si­tion sim­i­lar to zir­co­nium, atomic no. 72 (7) 54 −− round; in showjump­ing, term for a course ac­com­plished with­out any faults or penalty points (5) 55 Horse­shoe-shaped bend in a river; also sec­tion of a yoke (5) 56 Poet who wrote: “And it’s not for the sake of a rib­boned coat, Or the self­ish hope of a sea­son’s fame, But his cap­tain’s hand on his shoul­der smote, Play up! Play up! and play the game!” (7) 57 Ei­ther of a pair of foot supports at­tached to an English gen­er­alpur­pose sad­dle (7)


1 In ge­ol­ogy, rock formed by so­lid­i­fi­ca­tion of magma or lava (7) 2 Transcon­ti­nen­tal Turk­ish city, partly in Europe and partly in Asia (8) 3 Nazi deputy leader im­pris­oned for life in Span­dau Prison fol­low­ing a se­cret, self-ini­ti­ated solo flight to Scot­land in a Messer­schmitt to ne­go­ti­ate peace with Bri­tain (4) 4 −− Palace; the of­fi­cial res­i­dence of the Pres­i­dent of the French Repub­lic since 1873, oc­cu­pied by Madame de Pom­padour in the 1750-1760s (6) 5 The cap­i­tal of Jor­dan (5) 6 Nick­named the city of pearls, cap­i­tal of the In­dian state

Andhra Pradesh (9)

7 Car­i­ca­tur­ist who reg­u­larly con­trib­uted to the Vic­to­rian-era mag­a­zine Van­ity Fair un­der the pen names Spy and Drawl (4) 8 Net­ted stick used in a team sport (6) 9 Com­mu­nity of schol­ars col­lec­tively (8) 10 The au­thor of Moorland Mousie (4) 11 Cape −−; the south­ern­most point of Africa (7)

19 Low-GI savoury bis­cuit tra­di­tion­ally made in Scot­land (7)

21 −− of the Un­ex­pected; col­lec­tion of short sto­ries by Roald Dahl (5)

23 A half-size flute, and a mem­ber of the wood­wind fam­ily of mu­si­cal in­stru­ments (7)

24 His­tor­i­cal and por­trait artist noted for The Mur­der of Rizzio (4) 26 Arm of the South­ern Ocean (4,3) 27 Ital­ian com­poser who wrote

La bo­hème, Tosca and Madama

But­ter­fly (7) 28 Do­mes­tic as­sis­tant at Ox­ford Univer­sity (5) 29 ----- -cross; form of off-road bi­cy­cle rac­ing over muddy, rough ter­rain (5) 31 Long­est river in New Zealand (7) 33 Form of farm­ing with a cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process de­vel­oped by the Soil As­so­ci­a­tion in 1967 (7) 35 Ro­man em­peror from 79-81AD (5) 37 Fruit re­lated to ap­ples (4) 38 Mar­ket­ing term for co­mestibles such as blue­ber­ries or kale with sup­posed health ben­e­fits (9) 40 Foot­baller known as the “Wizard of Drib­ble” (8) 43 Co­de­name for the ar­ti­fi­cial har­bours con­structed for the 1944 Al­lied invasion of Nor­mandy (8) 44 Cro­cus stig­mas used as flavour­ing (7) 45 One of the seven Pleiades (7) 47 Wool used to make base lay­ers (6) 49 ------ Fa­mous; 2000 com­edy film star­ring Kate Hud­son (6) 50 Bread in the form of pock­ets (5) 52 Place of Napoleon’s first ex­ile (4) 53 Board for car­ry­ing wet plas­ter (4) 54 The Greek muse of his­tory (4)

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