Ap­ple tarte Tatin

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Prep time: 20 mins Chill­ing time: 1 hour Cook­ing time: 1 hour Serves 8

FOR THE PAS­TRY: 115g but­ter, cubed 125g plain flour 1 tsp su­gar 1/2 tsp salt 3 tbsp sour cream

FOR THE FILL­ING: 4 ap­ples 2 tbsp le­mon juice 2/3 cup plus 2 tbsp su­gar 4 tbsp but­ter yo­gurt, to serve

1 To make the pas­try, place the but­ter in a bowl in a warm place. In a sep­a­rate large bowl, mix to­gether the flour, su­gar and salt.

2 Use your hands to work the but­ter into the flour un­til it forms small, pea­sized pieces. Stir in the sour cream with a fork. Form the pas­try into a ball and shape into a disc. Wrap with cling film and re­frig­er­ate for an hour.

3 Mean­while, pre­pare the fill­ing. Peel and halve the ap­ples length­wise. Re­serve half an ap­ple, and slice the re­main­ing ap­ple pieces length­wise. Core all the ap­ple pieces then place them in a bowl and sprin­kle with le­mon juice to pre­vent them from turn­ing brown.

4Sprin­kle 2 tbsp su­gar over the ap­ple pieces and toss well to coat them with the le­mon juice and su­gar.

5 Melt the but­ter in an oven­proof pan (or in­di­vid­ual pans) over a medium heat. Cast iron pans work par­tic­u­larly well for this dish. Swirl the but­ter so it coats the sides of the pan as well as the base. Sprin­kle 2/3 cup of su­gar over the but­ter in an even layer. Re­move the pan from the heat.

6 Place the ap­ple half, cut side up, in the cen­tre of the pan. Fan the re­main­ing ap­ple slices, with the nar­row side point­ing to­wards the cen­tre, around the cen­tre piece. Place them at an an­gle to fit them all in.

7 Re­turn the pan to a medium heat and gen­tly cook, with­out stir­ring the ap­ples, un­til the su­gar-but­ter mix­ture turns a deep caramel colour, which will take 20 to 30 min­utes. Care­fully re­move the pan from the heat and place it on a bak­ing sheet, en­sur­ing the ap­ples are not dis­turbed.

8 Pre­heat the oven to 190°C. Roll out the pas­try to 28cm, if us­ing a 23cm pan, or 30cm, if us­ing a 25cm pan. Place the pas­try over the ap­ples and gen­tly tuck the edges in­side the pan. Take care when do­ing this and use a fork, as the pan will be hot.

9 Place the pan in the oven and re­duce the heat to 180°C. Bake for 30 to 40 min­utes un­til the pas­try is browned. Re­move from the oven and al­low to cool.

10 Once cooled, place a serv­ing plat­ter up­side down over the pan and care­fully flip over, re­leas­ing the tarte tatin from the pan on to the plat­ter. Serve warm with yo­gurt and gar­nish with fresh berries and mint.

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