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1 English nov­el­ist who wrote the Pop Larkin se­ries of books that in­cluded The Dar­ling Buds of May, A Breath of French Air, When the GreenWoods

Laugh and Oh! To be in Eng­land (5) 4 French Im­pres­sion­ist artist whose 1903 work Le Quai Malaquais et

l’in­sti­tut was looted from a fam­ily home by the Nazis along with paint­ings by El Greco, Cézanne and Gau­guin (8) 8 Cot­ton cloth typ­i­cally with a multi-coloured check pat­tern; a medium-hot curry sauce for lamb, beef or chicken; or a city of­fi­cially called Chen­nai (6) 13 The cap­i­tal and largest set­tle­ment of the Shetland Is­lands, host of the an­nual win­ter fire fes­ti­val, Up Helly Aa (7) 14 Brand of vac­uum flask gen­er­ally used for non-sci­en­tific pur­poses such as keep­ing tea or cof­fee hot (7) 15 Pre­pared strip of ground be­tween the wick­ets in cricket (5) 16 John of _____; son of Ed­ward III, brother of the Black Prince (5) 17 Species of bird iden­ti­fied by its char­ac­ter­is­tic pro­longed songs de­liv­ered dur­ing flight, es­pe­cially dur­ing spring and sum­mer months,

Alauda ar­ven­sis (7) 18 Genre of syn­the­sised dance mu­sic that orig­i­nated in the 1980s when the first pro­gram­mable drum ma­chines were re­leased (7) 19 Euro­pean city with tra­di­tional culi­nary spe­cial­i­ties in­clud­ing Wiener schnitzel, apfel­strudel and 59 Across; home and work­place of Mozart (6) 20 East ______ of York­shire; dis­trict in the north of Eng­land, site of Bev­er­ley, Bridling­ton and Hull (6) 21 Aus­trian neu­rol­o­gist con­sid­ered to be the found­ing fa­ther of psy­cho­anal­y­sis who pro­posed the three the­o­ries of the hu­man psy­che id, ego and super­ego (5) 26 Pulitzer and No­bel Prize-win­ning drama­tist whose works in­clude Be­yond the Hori­zon, Mourn­ing Be­comes

Elec­tra and The Ice­man Cometh (1’5) 28 Physi­cist who dis­cov­ered ra­dium and polo­nium dur­ing re­search on pitch­blende with her hus­band; the first woman to win a No­bel Prize (5) 29 1814 novel by SirWal­ter Scott (8) 32 The cap­i­tal of Den­mark (10)

34 Saucer-shaped ob­ject pro­jected into the air from a trap as a tar­get for shoot­ing with a shot­gun (4,6)

36 Scriptwriter who cre­ated sit­coms in­clud­ing Only Fools and Horses, Just

Good Friends and Dear John (8) 37 1948 novel by Pearl S Buck (5) 38 ______ salmon; cured fish served with cream cheese or scram­bled eggs (6) 42 Long bushy tail of a fox (5) 43 Re­gion in south­ern France. (6) 44 Credit card launched in the UK 1972 with early ad­ver­tis­ing slo­gans in­clud­ing “Your flex­i­ble friend” (6) 49 The UK share in­dex (in­for­mal) (7) 51 The largest of the pen­guins (7) 53 Bri­tish of­fi­cer who, fol­low­ing the Black Hole in­ci­dent, re­cap­tured Cal­cutta and gained con­trol of Ben­gal (5) 54 Bone form­ing each half of the hu­man pelvis (5) 55 Al­ter­na­tive name for yar­row (7) 56 Bri­tish tele­vi­sion news se­ries hosted by Trevor McDon­ald from 1999-2007 (7) 57 Nut-like seed used to flavour amaretti and marzi­pan (6) 58 Deer-like mam­mal such as a gazelle, im­pala, gnu or an eland (8) 59 Sacher_____; rich gateau of sponge cake, apri­cot jam and choco­late ic­ing (5) DOWN 1 Fish in the stur­geon fam­ily; also another name for the white whale (6) 2 Birth­stone for De­cem­ber (9) 3 Cheese pro­duced in Col­ston Bas­sett, Cropwell Bishop, Long Claw­son, Mel­ton Mow­bray and Sax­el­bye (7) 4 With a pop­u­la­tion of ap­prox­i­mately 183 mil­lion in­hab­i­tants, coun­try with the cap­i­tal Is­lam­abad (8) 5 In­done­sian dish of grilled meat served on skew­ers with a peanut sauce (5) 6 Port city in Egypt, once the site of the largest li­brary in the world (10) 7 Dishes for cook­ing or serv­ing in­di­vid­ual por­tions of food such as crème brûlée or pot­ted shrimps (8) 9 _____ Inc.; cor­po­ra­tion co-founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 (5) 10 2007 film by Pixar based on an an­thro­po­mor­phic gourmet rat (11) 11 Area for train­ing a horse/pony and its rider (6) 12 The _____; Test cricket tro­phy that took its name from a mock obituary pub­lished in The Sport­ing Times in 1882 (5) 20 De­vice for for­ward­ing data pack­ets be­tween com­puter net­works; also a tool used in car­pen­try (6) 22 Rare chem­i­cal el­e­ment, atomic no 75, named af­ter a Euro­pean river (7) 23 Dig­i­tal record­ing of an au­dio file such as a ra­dio play for down­load­ing to a per­sonal me­dia player (7) 24 Sepals of a flower col­lec­tively (5) 25 Toxic com­pound used in an at­tempt to mur­der the so-called “mad monk” Grig­ori Rasputin be­fore he was shot in the back (7) 27 Pro­tein-rich legumes (7) 30 The world’s high­est cap­i­tal city (2,3) 31 Ac­tor who stars in Doc Martin (6) 33 Genus of flow­er­ing plants also con­fus­ingly called gera­ni­ums (11) 35 Daugh­ter of Zeus and Deme­ter (10) 39 States­man who briefly chaired the com­mis­sion that in­ves­ti­gated the Septem­ber 11 at­tacks (9) 40 Leader of the quest that re­sulted in the first cir­cum­nav­i­ga­tion of the globe (8) 41 Artist who cre­ated The Son of Man (8) 45 Source of co­pra and coir (7) 46 The sec­ond-largest con­ti­nent (6) 47 Physi­cist who led the team that demon­strated the first con­trolled nu­clear chain re­ac­tion (5) 48 Pan for poach­ing a whole fish (6) 50 Cre­ator of the play The Odd Cou­ple (5) 52 King _____; David McKee char­ac­ter (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. Last date for en­tries is Fe­bru­ary 4. The win­ner and the names of those who got all an­swers cor­rect will be an­nounced on Fe­bru­ary 14. Win­ner of Jan­uary 17 crossword: Gil­lian Did­cott, PO Box 9267, Dubai.

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