Can a mo­bile phone cause can­cer?

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In a US TV news re­port about Tif­fany’s case, breast sur­geon Lisa Bai­ley told KTVU, “I’d never wear a cell phone im­me­di­ately next to my body and I’d ad­vise all women not to do that.”

Adding that mo­bile phones should be kept away from the skin, breast can­cer sur­geon Dr John West says, “It might avoid a mas­tec­tomy and chemo­ther­apy. It’s easy to do, so why take a chance?”

But while it might be sen­si­ble to take th­ese kinds of pre­cau­tions just in case, the jury is still very much out in the med­i­cal com­mu­nity when it comes to link­ing mo­bile phone use with can­cer.

Dr Salim Chaib Ras­sou, ra­di­ol­o­gist and chief on­col­o­gist at the Amer­i­can Hos­pi­tal in Dubai, says that al­though a link is un­likely, it isn’t a risk that can be com­pletely ruled out. “In 2011, the In­ter­na­tional Agency for Re­search on Can­cer clas­si­fied mo­bile phones as ‘group 2B’ in its gold-stan­dard rat­ing sys­tem, which means that they could ‘pos­si­bly’ cause can­cer in hu­mans.

“I haven’t come across a breast can­cer pa­tient who linked the disease to their mo­bile phone use, but I have treated brain tu­mour pa­tients who have con­fessed to overus­ing mo­bile phones.

“There are con­tro­ver­sial sci­en­tific re­ports re­gard­ing brain tu­mours and ex­ces­sive use of mo­bile phones, but of course, this kind of tu­mour doesn’t af­fect all phone users.

“It’s ad­vis­able to avoid spend­ing a long time talk­ing on the phone and to use wire­less de­vices such as Blue­tooth head­sets.”

Dr JM Gauer, chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer of RAK hos­pi­tal, says, “We try to re­as­sure pa­tients by re­fer­ring them to stud­ies such as The Mil­lion Women Study, done by Can­cer Re­search UK and the Na­tional Health Ser­vice. This in­volved 790,000 in­di­vid­u­als and found no link be­tween the use and po­si­tion­ing of mo­bile phones and sev­eral types of can­cer, in­clud­ing brain and breast.”

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