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Aries MAR 20 – APR 19 Cur­rent even sim­ple on­go­ing plans changes will take mean longer than ex­pected to ex­e­cute. This gives you time to win oth­ers over, but by then, your own ob­jec­tives could have changed sub­stan­tially.

Tau­rus APR 20 – MAY 20 Af­ter months spent ex­plor­ing your op­tions, you’re overwhelmed. Yet you must de­clare your in­ten­tions. Risky as that seems, you’ve got time to think things through, as the ba­sis for those plans will change sev­eral times be­fore any­thing is fi­nalised.

Gem­ini MAY 21 – JUN 20 Most of the on­go­ing changes are due to the fact that you and oth­ers are learn­ing to view life and your fu­ture from a fresh per­spec­tive. Know­ing that, ex­pect changes in your own life and sur­round­ings un­til at least late April.

Cancer JUN 21 – JUL 21 Since you’re in an un­set­tling pe­riod, turn­ing any of­fers into last­ing plans hasn’t been easy. In fact, you may be fac­ing a lot of dis­rup­tion. This is only break­ing up re­stric­tive pat­terns. Con­tinue to ex­plore your op­tions; soon it’ll all come to­gether.

Leo JUL 22 – AUG 22 You’ve tried to im­pose or­der on chaos but achieved lit­tle, so back off. Or­gan­ise only what you must, leav­ing ev­ery­thing else to un­fold. Events that take you into un­fa­mil­iar ter­ri­tory could be a huge suc­cess.

Virgo AUG 23 – SEP 22 Ex­haust­ing as past weeks have been, look­ing back, you’ll re­alise how much you learned about oth­ers and per­haps most im­por­tant, yourself. Your ruler Mer­cury’s ret­ro­grade cy­cle will also have ex­posed vi­tal facts and there’s yet more to learn.

Li­bra SEP While you’ve ac­com­plished 23 – OCT 22 a lot, you need you must a break. be hon­est You’ll get about it, but who’s first in charge frankly of and your by fu­ture. the end Deal of the with week this you can fi­nally re­lax.

Scor­pio OCT 23 – NOV 21 You rarely make a plan that is not well thought out. Now, how­ever, you’re short of facts yet need to get or­gan­ised. Do that but en­sure plans are flex­i­ble. While usu­ally this would drive you mad, you’ll soon be happy you’ve done so.

Sagit­tar­ius NOV 22 – DEC 20 You are strug­gling with the events trig­gered by the re­cent clash be­tween Jupiter and Uranus. Soon, how­ever, you’ll recog­nise them as break­throughs. So, ig­nore those who tell you to move on and do the least. You’ll soon see why.

Capri­corn DEC 21 – JAN 19 The com­ing weeks prom­ise a lot of change. Fo­cus on learn­ing from ev­ery ex­pe­ri­ence, in­clud­ing those that are un­ex­pected and even un­wel­come. When you are fi­nally able to make de­ci­sions, they’ll be well-in­formed ones.

Aquar­ius JAN 20 – FEB 17 The fall­out from un­de­tected er­rors or un­no­ticed mis­un­der­stand­ings could in­volve per­sonal mat­ters. Time con­sum­ing as deal­ing with these may be, the re­sult­ing in­sights will be amaz­ingly il­lu­mi­nat­ing.

Pisces FEB 18 – MAR 19 Re­cent un­set­tling de­vel­op­ments are not as ur­gent as they seem. Spend time re­flect­ing on po­ten­tial changes now and soon you’ll see even tricky sit­u­a­tions clearly. Bet­ter yet, you feel you’re ready to deal with re­cent per­plex­ing is­sues, too.

Shel­ley von Strunckel, one of the world’s top astrologers, writes a weekly fore­cast for Fri­day.

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