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Su­chi­tra Pramod, 41, of Dubai, hired a per­sonal trainer for her 15-year-old son af­ter he tipped the scales at 90kg

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I used to try to get Anirudh and his 13-year-old brother Ashish in­ter­ested in sport but they wouldn’t lis­ten. And then ear­lier last year Anirudh said that his friend had started work­ing out with a per­sonal trainer and that he’d like one too. I thought it was a great idea as it would mo­ti­vate him, and the boys could work out to­gether with­out hurt­ing them­selves.

We signed them up with Sha­hab Sha­bani, who is based in Dubai, and the change was dras­tic. Anirudh lost 10kg in five months and he’s much health­ier. Both boys think twice now be­fore con­sum­ing food rid­dled with calo­ries and they do a mix of car­dio and weight ex­er­cises.

I was wor­ried in case the weight train­ing would stunt their growth as they’re still young but Sha­hab ex­plained how ad­e­quate mus­cle de­vel­op­ment would ac­tu­ally re­lease hor­mones that would make them grow taller.

As a par­ent I worry about high choles­terol and di­a­betes, but the per­sonal trainer is a great way to get chil­dren fit and healthy.

I know of a young boy who is suf­fer­ing from de­pres­sion due to his weight, as a re­sult of which he doesn’t get out of his house much, which only adds to his prob­lem – it’s a vi­cious cy­cle.

I didn’t want that for my chil­dren, which is why I started them off with a per­sonal trainer. They are fit­ter and hap­pier now and it shows in the con­fi­dence boost and higher lev­els of self-es­teem they now have.

Anirudh and Ashish are now en­joy­ing sport

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