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Rather be re­mem­bered with a nos­tril-twitch­ing sig­na­ture scent? Our top con­tro­ver­sial fra­grances sure make a state­ment for those who dare to wear.

Womanity by Thierry Mu­gler from Dh338 (Bloom­ing­dale’s)

A mix­ture of dessert figs and savoury caviar, you’re never sure if that’s some­one’s per­fume or a freshly laid out brunch you’re sniff­ing. Al­though Womanity never reached the suc­cess of the iconic chocolately musky An­gel, it does cap­ture the essence of fem­i­nin­ity – some­times sweet, some­times salty, and full of con­tra­dic­tions.

Comme des Gar­cons 2011 by Commes des Gar­cons from Dh459 (luck­yscent.com)

With notes of in­dus­trial glue and duct tape, this one-of-a-kind fra­grance smells like petrol fumes mixed with a plas­tics fac­tory and in­hal­ing it is prob­a­bly equally as haz­ardous for your health. Treat this molten glass bot­tle from the left-of­cen­tre French de­signer as an art piece, rather than risk spray­ing it on.

Bvl­gari Black by Bvl­gari from Dh110 (ama­zon.com)

A uni­sex eau de par­fum, this 90s re­lease is equally beloved and revered. A non-tra­di­tional com­bi­na­tion of notes brings to mind vanilla ice cream served on a melted rub­ber car tyre, and dusted with cig­a­rette ash. Guar­an­teed to get a re­ac­tion.

Sécré­tions Mag­nifiques by Etat Li­bre d’Or­ange from Dh445 (luck­yscent.com)

Off­beat per­fumery Etat Li­bre d’Or­ange claims to put blood, sweat and tears into cre­at­ing this shock­ing scent, and quite lit­er­ally so, with these hu­man “se­cre­tions” ap­pear­ing as fra­grance notes. Some have called it in­no­va­tive and imag­i­na­tive. For oth­ers, it’s just plain dis­gust­ing.

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