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1 Ac­tor who starred in the se­ries Chancer and films in­clud­ing Gos­ford Park, The Bourne Iden­tity, Closer and Ernest Hem­ing­way & Gell­horn (4) 4 Late No­bel Peace Prize-win­ning an­ti­a­partheid rev­o­lu­tion­ary im­pris­oned for 27 years who later be­came South Africa’s first black pres­i­dent (7) 8 English aero­nau­ti­cal en­gi­neer who de­signed the Supermarine Spit­fire (8) 12 Cold Com­fort ____; film star­ring Kate Beck­in­sale, Joanna Lum­ley, Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry, based on Stella Gib­bons’ clas­sic of the same name (4) 13 In­con­spic­u­ous con­stel­la­tion ly­ing on the ce­les­tial equa­tor be­tween Ca­nis Ma­jor and Ca­nis Mi­nor, said to rep­re­sent a uni­corn (9) 14 Land mass off the west coast of the Malay Penin­sula known as Prince of Wales Is­land un­til 1867 (6) 15 Ac­tress whose roles in­clude Aunt Sally in Worzel Gum­midge, Miss Bat in The­Worst Witch and Mrs Hud­son in Sher­lock (6) 16 To re­lin­quish the lead in bridge; also the de­par­ture of an ac­tor/ac­tress from the stage (4) 17 Book in the Jack Reacher thriller se­ries by Lee Child be­tween With­out Fail and The En­emy (9) 19 The cap­i­tal of Bo­livia and with an el­e­va­tion of 11,942 ft, the world’s high­est city (2,3) 21 Red su­per­giant and bright­est star in the con­stel­la­tion Scor­pius; one of the four so-called royal stars of Per­sia (7) 22 First name of a fic­tional char­ac­ter cre­ated by He­len Field­ing (7) 26 Chief god of the Norse pan­theon, ruler of As­gard (4) 28 Sec­ond-largest city of Egypt, founded by a stu­dent of Aris­to­tle who cre­ated one of the big­gest em­pires of the an­cient world (10) 30 York­shire-born ar­chi­tect-turnedac­tor who starred in more than 100 films in­clud­ing A Star is Born, 20,000 Leagues Un­der the Sea and Ge­orgy Girl (5) 33 Generic term for a fear of an­i­mals (9) 34 One of the 15 ra­dioac­tive chemical el­e­ments in the ac­tinide se­ries, atomic num­ber 94 (9)

37 SI de­rived unit of mag­netic flux den­sity equal to one we­ber per square me­tre (5) 38 City in the UK founded by the Ro­mans as Gle­vum, site of Brock­worth where an an­nual cheese-rolling con­test takes place on Cooper’s Hill (10) 39 First name of the hip­pie char­ac­ter played by Nigel Planer in the 1980s se­ries The Young Ones (4) 41 Whig politi­cian tra­di­tion­ally re­garded as the first Bri­tish prime min­is­ter whose son wrote the first Gothic novel, The Cas­tle of Otranto (7) 43 Clas­sic French yeast bread en­riched with but­ter and eggs (7) 45 Scot­tish vil­lage where Mac­beth, Robert the Bruce and Charles II were crowned on the Stone of Des­tiny (5) 49 Point on the earth’s sur­face di­rectly above the fo­cus of an earthquake (9) 51 Vi­rol­o­gist who de­vel­oped the first ef­fec­tive polio vac­cine (4) 52 Comic ac­tor who formed part of a dou­ble act with the en­ter­tainer nick­named Babe (6) 55 The ______; 1988 play by Michael Frayn based works by An­ton Chekhov (6) 56 Genus name of var­i­ous species of plant in­clud­ing daf­fodils and jon­quil (9) 57 Leg­endary marks­man who suc­cess­fully shot an ap­ple from above his son’s head with a cross­bow (4) 58 Clear French soup that is clar­i­fied with egg whites (8) 59 Si­cil­ian city founded in the eighth century by the Greeks (7) 60 Branch of the English royal House of Plan­ta­genet with a white rose em­blem (4)


2 Ar­chi­tect who de­signed Fonthill Abbey in Wilt­shire, Eng­land (5) 3 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Wind­hoek (7) 4 Genus of many species of herbs and shrubs in the legume fam­ily Fabaceae (6) 5 Yel­low­ish cloth used for trousers (7) 6 In Mex­i­can cook­ery, stuffed corn tor­tillas served with chilli sauce (10) 7 Hun­dred ____ Wood; fic­tional lo­cale cre­ated by AA Milne (4) 8 Mol­lusc served in moules marinière and moules-frites (6) 9 Bayeux ________; 70 me­tre-long em­broi­dered cloth il­lus­trat­ing events leading up to the Nor­man con­quest (8) 10 Of­fi­cial ver­ba­tim record of de­bates in the Bri­tish par­lia­ment (7) 11 At­tack move in fenc­ing (5) 18 _____ Bears’ Pic­nic; song that fea­tured in Den­nis Pot­ter’s drama The Singing De­tec­tive (5) 20 Mytho­log­i­cal princess chained to a rock and ex­posed to a sea monster sent by Po­sei­don, saved by Perseus (9) 23 Art or study of ef­fec­tive speak­ing (9) 24 Va­ri­ety of win­ter cab­bage (5) 25 Colour be­tween blue and pur­ple (6) 27 Land­locked coun­try, site of Earth’s high­est moun­tain (5) 29 ______ dor­mouse; crea­ture farmed as food by the an­cient Ro­mans (6) 31 Sec­re­tary Gen­eral of the United Na­tions from 1997-2006 (5) 32 Great _____ of 1703; cat­a­strophic event chron­i­cled by Daniel De­foe (5) 35 Moun­tain such as Ben Ne­vis (5) 36 Art of per­form­ing stunts in a plane or other fly­ing craft (10) 40 ________ Palace; res­i­dence of the Duke of Marl­bor­ough (8) 42 The Fly­ing _______; a cap­pella group who cov­ered Ya­zoo’s Only You in 1983 (7) 44 Ja­panese ukiyo-e pain­ter who cre­ated The Great-Wave off Kana­gawa (7) 46 _______ Life; mag­a­zine based on ru­ral liv­ing and property (7) 47 Metal used to cre­ate The Thinker (6) 48 Colour­less liq­uid part of blood (6) 50 _____ Twistle­ton; char­ac­ter in PG Wode­house’s Un­cle Fred books (5) 53 Swiss math­e­ma­ti­cian noted for work on in­fin­i­tes­i­mal cal­cu­lus (5) 54 Chick­pea flour used to make pop­pad­ums and pako­ras (4)

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