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Yay! Eat­ing doesn’t mean cheat­ing in our beauty ‘work­out’ regime. And this shop­ping list will not only help you lose weight and firm up; some of these food types even pack a mean anti-age­ing punch so you get ex­tra gor­geous points thrown in. Nu­tri­tion­ist Kim Pear­son, (­pear­, talks us through the key points.

Green tea Cat­e­chins in green tea boost the me­tab­o­lism, help­ing the body to burn more calo­ries, aiding weight loss. The an­tiox­i­dants have also been shown to have anti-age­ing prop­er­ties and help pro­tect the skin from sun dam­age – per­fect for the UAE. But, of course, a hot cuppa isn’t al­ways what you want here, so make some green tea and then cool in the fridge with slices of lemon for a re­fresh­ing drink.


Blue­ber­ries are packed with an­tiox­i­dant nu­tri­ents that help pro­tect our skin from the dam­ag­ing, and wrin­kle-in­duc­ing ef­fects of free rad­i­cals. Re­search has also shown that rats fed blue­ber­ries lost fat from their stom­achs sug­gest­ing that they could also help us lose weight from around our mid­dles.

Dark choco­late Un­like milk choco­late, dark choco­late is lower in su­gar and pro­vides greater health ben­e­fits. One study found that dark choco­late pro­motes sati­ety, low­ers the de­sire to eat some­thing sweet, and sup­presses en­ergy in­take.

Oily fish

Did you know that eat­ing fat can ac­tu­ally help you lose fat? Omega 3 fats such as those found in tuna and sal­mon can help to reg­u­late blood-su­gar lev­els and sati­ety pro­mot­ing weight loss. Omega 3 fats are anti-in­flam­ma­tory and es­sen­tial for sup­ple, healthy skin.

Chilli Chilli is an­other food known for boost­ing the me­tab­o­lism, help­ing you burn fat faster. It’s also packed full of vi­ta­min C, a nutrient es­sen­tial for help­ing your skin’s col­la­gen syn­the­sis. Add it to ev­ery­thing, sharpish.

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