quick takes

Friday - - MIND GAMES -

1 The term ‘civil ser­vant’ orig­i­nated in the late 17th century in which or­ga­ni­za­tion? a Lloyds of Lon­don b The East In­dia Com­pany

c The Cen­tral In­tel­li­gence Agency

d The Bri­tish House of Commons 2 Re­searchers have at­tempted to cre­ate a smoke alarm for the deaf, us­ing the vapour of what? aWasabi b Asafoetida c Vine­gar d Skunk ex­tract 3 In Gertrude Stein’s poem Sa­cred Emily, be­tween ‘Color ma­hogany cen­ter’ and ‘Love­li­ness ex­treme’ what word fa­mously ap­pears four times in a sin­gle line? a Black b Beauty c Rose d Heartache 4 In 2008 which coun­try over­took South Africa as the world’s big­gest gold pro­ducer? a Ghana b Venezuela c Aus­tralia d China

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