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Jeff Pink founded nail care brand Orly In­ter­na­tional in 1975 and trade­marked The Orig­i­nal French Man­i­cure in 1978 when he worked as a movie make-up artist in LA. The white tip and nude nail com­bi­na­tion has since be­come iconic around the world. Fri­day caught up with him at the of­fi­cial launch of Orly In­ter­na­tional’s lat­est 2014 nail lac­quer col­lec­tion in the UAE at Beau­ty­world ME. How did you start Orly? Pro­fes­sional hair­dressers, nail tech­ni­cians and Hol­ly­wood stu­dios needed sup­pli­ers as in Amer­ica at that time brands were only stocked in de­part­ment stores. I wanted to have a stand-alone brand, so I opened a store named Orly (af­ter my wife) tar­get­ing them. Even­tu­ally I dis­cov­ered the un­tapped needs of nails in an in­dus­try where then there was only the top coat, base coat and nail pol­ish avail­able. I in­vented Romeo, the first nail strength­ener, then I came up with Ridge filler, to fix un­even nail sur­faces and then of course, the French man­i­cure, which re­ally put me on the map. Tells us the story be­hind the French man­i­cure’s cre­ation? I was talk­ing to a film direc­tor in Hol­ly­wood who ex­pressed his de­sire to have one nail colour to suit ev­ery style of wardrobe change with­out stalling pro­duc­tion. I ap­plied white nail pol­ish at the tips then coun­tered the bright­ness with a coat of flesh­toned colour to cre­ate a clean nat­u­ral look – the direc­tor loved it! If it started in Amer­ica why is it called the French man­i­cure? It started off be­ing called the Nat­u­ral Nail look. But re­turn­ing from Paris, where I’d in­tro­duced my nail wear to mod­els at fashion shows, I thought the name wasn’t very snappy. It was a huge hit in Paris so I re­named it the French Man­i­cure. What made it so pop­u­lar? In Amer­ica it took off in the mid70s and was huge by the early 80s. Bar­bra Streisand and Cher cat­a­pulted it to star sta­tus when they had French man­i­cures and ap­peared on Johnny Car­son’s talk show. The first thing he asked them was about ‘the white thing at the tip of their nails’; the rest is his­tory. Why should we choose Orly? It’s not just our great va­ri­ety of colours; we have 26 dif­fer­ent nail treat­ments too. You bite your nails too much? We have some­thing for that. Smudged your nails be­fore the pol­ish could dry? One coat of our paraf­fin nail fixer will smooth it out. And our pol­ish is in­fused with Vi­ta­mins A and B5. Who do you count in your celebrity fol­low­ing? In Hol­ly­wood we have worked with stars like Ri­hanna and Katy Perry. At the last Os­cars we did Bette Mi­dler’s nails for the red car­pet. What’s the lat­est Orly invention? Our lat­est, unique en­try is a BB crème for nails. It’s like a foun­da­tion – it bright­ens, whitens and cov­ers flaws. Name another clas­sic nail colour other than the French man­i­cure? Red is def­i­nitely the most clas­sic colour and lasts longer than oth­ers. What’s even bet­ter is there’s a shade of red to suit ev­ery woman!

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