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9 Pen name of the au­thor of the Ge­orge Smi­ley nov­els in­clud­ing The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Tin­ker Tailor Sol­dier Spy, The Hon­ourable

School­boy and The Se­cret Pil­grim (2,5) 10 Shal­low type of glass for desserts; or a type of car (5) 11 County in which Sir Fran­cis Drake, Sir-Wal­ter Raleigh, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Dame Agatha Christie and Chris Martin were born (5) 13 ____ Wood­house; Jane Austen’s char­ac­ter por­trayed on screen by ac­tresses in­clud­ing Gwyneth Pal­trow, Kate Beck­in­sale and Ro­mola Garai (4) 14 Flow­er­ing plant re­lated to basil, laven­der, oregano, rose­mary and sage with a scent par­tic­u­larly at­trac­tive to fe­lines (7) 15 Cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant metal­lic el­e­ment, atomic num­ber 22, orig­i­nally dis­cov­ered in Corn­wall in 1791 by Rev­erend Wil­liam Gre­gor (8) 16 Units of speed used in nav­i­ga­tion and me­te­o­rol­ogy equal to one nau­ti­cal mile per hour (5) 17 Re­gional name for the dish also known as French toast (4,5) 20 Ro­man god­dess of love with the Greek equiv­a­lent Aphrodite, orig­i­nally a spirit or pa­tron of kitchen gar­dens (5) 23 1818 poem by John Keats based on the myth of the shep­herd of the same name loved by the moon god­dess Se­lene (8) 25 Col­lec­tion of hon­ey­bee hives (6) 26 Small com­mune in the Veneto re­gion, Italy (5) 29 Un­bleached nat­u­ral colour, darker than beige, linen and khaki (4) 31 Fleet­wood Mac vo­cal­ist who has also achieved suc­cess as a solo artist (5)

33 Teenage _____; sit­com cre­ated by and star­ring Adrian Ed­mond­son with the open­ing theme of the same name by The Un­der­tones (5) 34 Birds of prey known col­lec­tively as a par­lia­ment (4) 35 Con­stel­la­tion bor­dered by Antlia, Ca­rina, Cen­tau­rus, Pup­pis and Pyxis, orig­i­nally part of Argo Navis (4)

36 Comedian and ac­tor who starred in films in­clud­ing The Big Job and Ooh...

You Are Aw­ful and who was the voice of the char­ac­ter Jeremy Hil­lary Boob in Yel­low Sub­ma­rine (5) 38 Tex­tile used to make pointe shoes (5) 39 The Hun­dred- ____-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Win­dow and

Dis­ap­peared; de­but novel by Swedish au­thor Jonas Jonas­son (4) 40 De­coy ves­sel with con­cealed guns used dur­ing the First World War to de­stroy Ger­man sub­marines (1-4) 41 First name of the cou­turier daugh­ter of Paul and Linda McCart­ney (6) 42 A rally of Scouts or Guides (8) 44 Nov­el­ist who was awarded a na­tional lit­er­ary prize in for her col­lec­tion

The La­goon and Other Sto­ries (5) 46 The cap­i­tal of Cam­bo­dia (5,4) 47 _____: The Story of a Sim­ple Soul; 1905 novel by HG-Wells (5) 51 Va­ri­ety of Dou­ble Glouces­ter cheese flavoured with a blend of chives and spring onions (8) 54 No­bel Prize-win­ning bac­te­ri­ol­o­gist and dis­cov­erer of peni­cillin who was voted one of the 100 great Bri­tish he­roes in a poll in 2002 (7)

56 Lit­tle ____ Rab­bit; se­ries of books for chil­dren by Ali­son Ut­t­ley (4) 57 In lin­ear al­ge­bra, the sum of the el­e­ments in the main di­ag­o­nal of a square ma­trix (5) 58 _____ hy­acinth; easy-to-cul­ti­vate spring-flow­er­ing peren­nial bulb plant, genus Mus­cari (5) 59 River which rises in the Pyre­nees and flows through Toulouse and Bordeaux to the Dor­dogne at the Gironde es­tu­ary (7)


1 Bri­tish jour­nal­ist who doc­u­mented his five years as a hostage in Beirut in

Some Other Rain­bow (8) 2 Tommy _____; name of the bad­ger in Beatrix Pot­ter’s The Tale of Mr Tod (5) 3 Plane fig­ure with seven sides (8) 4 Palm in the genus Euterpe with berries used in juices and smooth­ies (4) 5 Dairy by-prod­uct used to make soda bread and scones (10) 6 In the UK, one of the home coun­ties (4) 7 Lady _____ Craw­ley; Down­ton Abbey char­ac­ter played by Laura Carmichael (5) 8 1st Earl of ____; ti­tle of 55 Down (4) 9 U2 sin­gle on the al­bum Zooropa (5) 12 Phos­phate-rich is­land coun­try with no of­fi­cial cap­i­tal (5) 18 Ir­ish poet who was one of the co­founders of the Abbey Theatre (5) 19 Fruit re­sem­bling a small peach (7) 21 Sci­en­tific study of or­gan­isms in re­la­tion to their en­vi­ron­ment (7) 22 Ac­tor who starred in The English

Pa­tient, The Reader and Sky­fall (7) 24 Cen­tral re­gion of an atom (7)

27 The _______; 2013 Peter Mof­fat drama (7) 28 Ja­panese word mean­ing “har­bour wave” (7) 30 El­e­ment named af­ter a planet (7) 32 The fastest land an­i­mal (7) 37 Mo­tor-rac­ing sig­nal used to in­di­cate haz­ardous con­di­tions ahead (6,4) 38 Item col­lected by phi­lat­e­list (5) 42 Col­lec­tion of chil­dren’s sto­ries by An­thony Buck­eridge that were adapted for ra­dio and read by Stephen Fry (8) 43 Rev­o­lu­tion­ary leader who paved the way for Chilean in­de­pen­dence with José de San Martín fol­low­ing the de­feat of Span­ish forces in 1817 (1’7) 45 Lo­cal name for a tidal race in Orkney and Shet­land (5) 48 _____ by Piece; Katie Melua al­bum (5) 49 Mas­ter of im­pres­sion­ism who lived in Giverny for much of his life (5) 50 His­tor­i­cal drama di­rected by Ale­jan­dro Amenábar and star­ring Rachel-Weisz (5) 52 Wa­ter bird de­picted in Camille Saint-Saëns’s Le cygne (4)

53 Reser­voir ____; Tarantino movie (4) 55 UK prime min­is­ter 1955–57 (4)

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