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The oil con­tains phos­pho­lipid, which is also the key in­gre­di­ent in fat-dis­solv­ing in­jec­tions. This trig­gers lipol­y­sis (the process of break­ing down fat cells so they can be ex­creted by the body) and once this fat is gone, it’s gone for good (as long as you stay away from the cup­cakes!)

Three times more pow­er­ful than any other wrap on the mar­ket (it con­tains 20 per cent phos­pho­lipid), it works on prob­lem ar­eas tar­get­ing the ac­tual fat cells. The in­gre­di­ents con­tinue to work on your fat de­posits for over 72 hours. My ther­a­pist said you can ex­pect to lose be­tween four to 15 inches per ses­sion. You’ll see vis­i­ble changes after just one ses­sion, but for max­i­mum ben­e­fit two ses­sions are rec­om­mended.

After a con­sul­ta­tion with Sarah at Sis­ters (the Shrink­ing Vi­o­let Wrap pro) the treat­ment be­gan with a quick all-over body brush. This re­ally gets your cir­cu­la­tion go­ing, brings blood to the sur­face of the skin, and opens the pores, help­ing the magic in­gre­di­ent – The Shrink­ing Vi­o­let Oil – to be ab­sorbed. The oil was ap­plied all over from the neck down, and I was amazed to find it smelt won­der­ful. Con­tain­ing es­sen­tial oils of ju­niper, lavender and cy­press, it’s nour­ish­ing as well as be­ing a se­ri­ous fat fighter.

Once the oil is on, you’re wrapped up in what is es­sen­tially in­dus­trial strength cling film be­fore you lie on the bed for an hour un­der lots of cosy warm tow­els – it’s the heat that ac­ti­vates the clever phos­pho­lipid. Although you feel like a mar­i­nated chicken wait­ing to be cooked, it’s not un­com­fort­able or claus­tro­pho­bic, and you can move your arms fairly freely. You’re then un­wrapped, the re­main­der of the oil is mas­saged in, and you’re good to go. You’re en­cour­aged to eat light, fresh foods and drink lots of wa­ter to help your body rid it­self of all those nasty tox­ins.

I am al­ways scep­ti­cal when it comes to any­thing that prom­ises in­stant inch loss. But I have to ad­mit de­feat with this one. Thor­ough be­fore and after mea­sure­ments were taken, and I was amazed to dis­cover that I’d lost a to­tal of seven inches, in just one treat­ment, with some ar­eas see­ing a loss of half an inch. My skin felt won­der­fully smooth and ev­ery­thing felt that bit tighter. Not bad for an hour in bed! It’s the per­fect quick-fix if that LBD has got­ten a lit­tle tight, or if you want to kick-start your weight-loss regime. That, ladies, is a wrap!

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I was amazed to dis­cover that I had lost a to­tal of seven inches, with just one treat­ment

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