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Across 1 English nov­el­ist noted for books

in­clud­ing The Story of the Trea­sure Seek­ers, TheWould­be­goods, Five Chil­dren and It, The Rail­way Chil­dren and The En­chanted Cas­tle (6) 5 The sec­ond-bright­est star in the con­stel­la­tion rep­re­sented by a lion slain by Her­cules as one of his 12 labours (8)

9 −−−−− and an­chor; gambling game tra­di­tion­ally played by sailors with three dice marked with sym­bols in­stead of pips (5)

13 Tox­ophilite’s por­ta­ble case for hold­ing ar­rows (6)

14 Any of var­i­ous species of di­ur­nal bird of prey in the Ac­cip­itri­dae fam­ily, genus Cir­cus (7)

15 Nurse who was ex­e­cuted by the Ger­mans dur­ing the FirstWorldWar for help­ing Al­lied sol­diers es­cape from oc­cu­pied Bel­gium (6)

16 Wa­ter­course ris­ing in moun­tain­ous re­gions of the Czech Repub­lic through the Lusa­tian Neisse to the Baltic Sea, which is the sec­ond-long­est river in Poland (4)

17 −−−− Woodhouse; character de­picted by ac­tresses in­clud­ing Gwyneth Pal­trow, Kate Beck­in­sale and Ro­mola Garai (4)

18 Items cre­ated by Peter Carl Fabergé such as the ones form­ing part of the Queen’s Royal Col­lec­tion ti­tled Bas­ket of Wild Flow­ers, Colon­nade, Mo­saic and Twelve Panel (4)

19 Di­rec­tor whose films in­clude You Must Be Jok­ing!, Han­ni­bal Brooks and an adap­ta­tion of Agatha Christie’s

Ap­point­ment with Death (6)

21 Col­lec­tive noun for a fam­ily of lions, li­onesses and cubs (5)

22 Lady Ca­pulet’s nephew in Shake­speare’s Romeo and Juliet (6)

23 In math­e­mat­ics, the frac­tional part of a common log­a­rithm; or, in com­put­ing, the sig­nif­i­cant dig­its of a float­ing-point num­ber (8)

26 Food with re­gional va­ri­eties such as Caer­philly, Fon­tina, Hal­loumi, Manchego and Pa­neer (6)

28 Cousin of Rud­yard Ki­pling who served as prime min­is­ter three times dur­ing the 1920s and 1930s (7)

4 Painter de­picted by ac­tor Ti­mothy Spall in a re­cent film (6) 5 The for­mer name for Benin (7) 6 Edi­ble seaweed used in the prepa­ra­tion of sushi (4) 7 The cap­i­tal of Bar­ba­dos (10) 8 An­cient Ro­man house­hold gods (5) 10 Any one of seven birds res­i­dent in the Tower of London which, ac­cord­ing to legend, must never leave or the king­dom will fall (5)

11 Ac­tress who played the part of Mrs Weasley in the Harry Pot­ter films (7)

12 Nov­el­ist whose books in­clude The Com­fort of Strangers, Black Dogs, Atone­ment and On Ch­e­sil Beach (6) 20 The re­verse of a coin (5) 23 Sub­stance such as emery, feldspar, graphite or horn­blende (7)

24 An −−−−− Abroad; travel se­ries cre­ated by Ricky Ger­vais and Stephen Mer­chant (5) 25 Home of the priest­ess Hero (6) 27 Group of flags as a sig­nal (5) 28 Car­diac sur­geon who led the team that per­formed the first hu­man-to­hu­man heart trans­plant (7) 29 The 14th pres­i­dent of the US (6) 30 Word link­ing anglaise, brûlée, caramel, de cas­sis and fraÎche (5)

32 Se­ries of books for chil­dren by J P Martin, il­lus­trated by Quentin Blake (5) 34 Kaiser Chiefs’ de­but al­bum (10) 35 Mün­chausen syn­drome by −−−−−; fab­ri­ca­tion of an ill­ness for at­ten­tion (5) 39 Cells es­sen­tial in blood clot­ting (9) 41 Plant in the but­ter­cup fam­ily (7) 42 The −−−−−− of Ad­ven­ture; 1944 chil­dren’s book by Enid Bly­ton (6) 44 Pat­terned pa­per found on the inside cov­ers of old books (7) 46 Sport per­formed in a velo­drome (7) 47 Of a build­ing, pro­tected from de­mo­li­tion or al­ter­ations (6) 49 SI unit of mag­netic flux den­sity (5) 50 Cre­ator of the Hay­wain trip­tych (5) 53 Ba­sic mon­e­tary unit of Turkey (4) 29 −−−−−− Caspian; the sec­ond novel in the Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia se­ries of seven books by C S Lewis (6) 31 Also anatom­i­cally termed the hy­poph­ysis, name of a ma­jor en­docrine gland near the hy­po­thal­a­mus at the base of the brain, im­por­tant in reg­u­lat­ing growth (9)

33 English chemist who dis­cov­ered oxy­gen; or a nov­el­ist and drama­tist who wrote The Good Com­pan­ions and An In­spec­tor Calls (9)

36 Shares of a company; or flow­er­ing plants in the genus Matthi­ola (6)

37 Red −−−−−−−; species of mi­gra­tory but­ter­fly, Vanessa ata­lanta (7) 38 Atomic num­ber 29, sym­bol Cu (6) 40 Type of ver­te­brate in a group that in­cludes guinea fowl, grouse, par­tridges, quails and pheas­ants (4,4)

43 In the lin­guis­ti­cal study of mor­phol­ogy, a ba­sic unit of vo­cab­u­lary (6)

45 Fon­dant­type of cake −−−−−; cov­ered small in cube-sha­pedic­ing, typ­i­cally pas­tel-coloured (5) 48 A pulse used to make dhal (6) 50 −−−− Don’t Cry; The Cure sin­gle (4) 51 For­mer mu­nic­i­pal­ity in Norway (4) 52 −−−− way; bet di­vided into two wa­gers, one for a win and one for a place (4)

54 Sauce used to flavour Chi­nese-style ribs or Pek­ing duck (6)

55 −−−−−−− con­sta­ble; in the UK, a vol­un­teer po­lice of­fi­cer sup­port­ing the lo­cal con­stab­u­lary (7)

56 One of the 50 mytho­log­i­cal Nereids, mother of Achilles (6) 57 Scot­tish chemist and physi­cist re­mem­bered for his work in cryo­gen­ics and the in­ven­tion of a vac­uum flask (5)

58 Ar­chi­pel­ago with the chief town or cap­i­tal Ler­wick (8)

59 A −−−−−− for Life; 1996 sin­gle byWelsh band Manic Street Preach­ers (6) Down 2 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Quito (7) 3 Economist as­so­ci­ated with the foun­da­tion of the UK wel­fare state (9)

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