What is feng shui?

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Feng shui is an an­cient art that has its ori­gins more than 3,000 years ago in China. In sim­ple terms it in­volves prin­ci­ples that are used to bal­ance the en­er­gies of a space to as­sure health, suc­cess and good for­tune.

Feng means wind and shui means wa­ter. In ori­en­tal cul­ture wind and wa­ter are as­so­ci­ated with good health.

Feng shui prac­ti­tion­ers sug­gest var­i­ous ob­jects that can be used to im­prove the ben­e­fi­cial as­pects of an area – from aquar­i­ums and wa­ter bod­ies like foun­tains to crys­tals and clocks... even colours can be used to im­prove the en­ergy in a home or of­fice. is pil­ing up in, say, the north­ern cor­ner that rep­re­sents luck in your work, then hav­ing a suc­cess­ful ca­reer could be at stake. You may be do­ing your best, putting in 110 per cent at work, but re­wards and recog­ni­tion may not be forth­com­ing.

“The rea­son? That pile of pa­pers is re­press­ing your ca­reer en­ergy.”

Just clear that and you will see a pos­i­tive change in your ca­reer and life, she says. amita claims that barely a cou­ple of months af­ter she cleared the junk from her house, her Canadian visa came through. “I also man­aged to find a buyer for my prop­erty and – best of all – there was a dra­matic pos­i­tive change in my fam­ily life,” she says.

En­thused, she went on to do more in­ten­sive cour­ses dur­ing her stay in Canada and later in Malaysia dur­ing vis­its there be­fore set­ting up her own com­pany in Dubai.

So, apart from keep­ing the north cor­ner of the house clut­ter-free, what should one keep in mind to im­prove ca­reer prospects?

“OK, let’s start at the of­fice,” she says. “The first and im­por­tant rule is to avoid sit­ting at a desk that has a floor to ceil­ing win­dow right be­hind you. In feng shui, that is akin to sit­ting at the edge of cliff. You will end up be­ing stressed out, edgy, and con­stantly wor­ried about los­ing – or fall­ing – from your po­si­tion. Such work ar­eas leave you vul­ner­a­ble to pro­fes­sional threats and you will not find any sup­port from col­leagues or the man­age­ment.”

But what if that’s the only desk you have and can­not move?

Then make sure the blinds are down so that it sim­u­lates a wall,

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