The cou­ple who di­vorced and then re­mar­ried 26 years later.

They mar­ried in 1977 and di­vorced seven years later, but Ann McCresh re­alised Chris Jack­son was still the love of her life af­ter 26 years apart

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My lip wob­bled, my breath came in gasps, but I re­fused to cry. So I fought back my tears and waited for my brother Michael to ar­rive. He was com­ing to pick me up from my mar­i­tal home and I needed to stay strong. I was 27 and leav­ing my hus­band Chris.

We’d been to­gether seven years and I still loved him, but he was a lon­g­long-dis­tance lorry driverdr and I didn’t see him for weeks at a time.

I had moved hun­dreds of miles to be with him, leav­ing my friends and fam­ily be­hind. It had been won­der­ful when Chris, 32, was at home but it felt more and more like that was a rar­ity and I was too young to be living vir­tu­ally on my own. He al­ways told me he loved me and I be­lieved him but it was dif­fi­cult.

There wasn’t a spark that brought things to a head. There was no ar­gu­ment. We kept talk­ing about how we could make it work. But Chris said he couldn’t give up his job as it was the fam­ily busi­ness and he didn’t want to let his fa­ther down, and I couldn’t con­tinue to live like that.

So, there it was. An im­passe. So ear­lier that day, in 1984, as he’d pre­pared to head off for an­other long trip I told him I’d de­cided to leave. Then I phoned Michael who now, af­ter help­ing pack the car, turned to me and Chris.

“This is a waste of my time,” he grum­bled. “You’ll be back to­gether

When Ann saw an old photo of her wed­ding day she vowed to find her ex-hus­band... ...But she never ex­pected him to pro­pose again 26 years af­ter they di­vorced

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